Oman Ghana Radio Divisiveness Is Dangerous To Nana Akuffo Addo

Fri, 8 Aug 2014 Source: Sarpong, Justice

A subject that I thought had been put to rest was on Wednesday August 6th resurrected by the host of the Oman Ghana morning program from London, a guy by name, Nana Frimpong. The same lady who had been my bugbear, Nana Akyaa called into the program and before she can regurgle what she has for the day, the Host asked her if she saw my last article published on Ghanaweb. I don't want to bore readers with the taradiddle this Host who seems to be out of his element hosting this program said people tore unto me on that article but when Nana Akyaa asked him what I wrote, Nana Frimpong couldn't even tell. What I got from the banter between the two is that, they are not well read and are averse to reading . I don't know if averse is mot juste and I have to be lambent here.

I wrote a friendly article advising these Nana Akuffo Addo supporters who meant well but their approach of insulting people who don't agree with Nana or are perceived not to be in Nana's camp to tone their language down

This Radio program is not doing any good to Nana Akuffo Addo Presidential ambition. Instead of it building a bridge to a town called UNITY amongst the Npp Presidential candidates, it is rather building a bridge to a town called DIVISION with its castigation of other Npp Presidential candidates especially that of Alan Kyerematten. Nana Akuffo Addo cannot win the Presidency without Alan Kyerematten supporters so these people should shelf the slogan, NO NANA, NO VOTE(NNNV) What if Alan supporters also sit out in 2016 with their own, NO ALAN, NO VOTE(NANV)?

The Host has no business hosting any program because he is too emotional,limited understanding of the political topics and fails to nail the few Ndc operatives he calls to ask questions about. For example, one Ndc operative bragged on his program about how Ndc increased the growth rate to 14%. Even a neophyte on Economics knows Ndc did not do anything special to increase the three or four years of economic growth between 2011 to 2013 but it was rather the coming into stream of the oil resources that spurred the economic growth during this period and the Host couldn't even nail the Ndc guy.

Even yesterday the Host showed his lack of knowledge of Ghana politics when he asked, Atta Kruffi, the former Npp Chairman of the London branch if the Council of state was there when Npp was in power or it was Ndc who created it? He didn't even know this Council of state is a constitutional creation.

Nana Akyaa, one of these serial callers who have a penchant of insulting Asantehene called into the program again on Monday, 7/28/2014 and as usual resorted to excoriating me with a challenge to face her. She also said that she has done her search and there is nobody called Cardinal Sarpong. Nana Akyaa, the name is not Cardinal Sarpong but Justice Sarpong. Cardinal is a hypocorism. As a matter of fact, I don't think this Nana Akyaa even read my article because nowhere in my article did I say she is not an Asante but an Ewe. Nana Akyaa, I said in that article that, you might not be an Asante because I don't think any Asante woman will talk down to Otumfuo as you did, nowhere did I assign any tribe to you. With all due respect, go back and read that article assuming you did not read it the first time. I don't stand to gain anything debating you and don't intend doing so especially when I had a sister who was called Ama Akyaa, may her soul rest in peace.

Politics is a game of numbers, I mean addition of numbers and not subtracting numbers and though you all serial callers to the program mean well, your militant attitude is not helping Nana to add new converts to his side which he needs to win the general elections in 2016. I know almost nobody who calls himself or herself as Npp supporter will cross carpet and vote for Ndc but what this blatant bigotry comments from people like Kyeremeh, Kwame etc and others will do is that, most Asante traditionalists who value the chieftancy institution will not go to the polls and vote at all because of this blatant hate against Asantehene. It is sad when somebody can publicly say that "NA WONO ASANTEHENE NO WOYE HWAN" and the Host of this program allows him to continue such sophomoric juvenilistic vituperations without cutting his line off. How can any human being talk like this Kyeremeh guy who I think is in Spain ranting about killing or knifing people? There is no catholicon for such unguided comments.

The new charge coming from these people who seem to have too much time on their hands is that, Asantehene flew to South Africa in the Presidential plane, SO WHAT? The plane belongs to the people of Ghana and I bet a lot of NPP stalwarts might have flown on this plane before, did that make them Ndc supporters? Not only that, now Nana Akyaa is accusing Asantehene for saying the problems we had in Ghana was caused by the implementation of the SSSS policy when Asantehene was giving a speech at (GIMPA) actually the said speech was delivered at UPS and not GIMPA.

General News | 11 November 2013 Last updated at 15:45 CET 3 Comments

Ghana In Crisis –Otumfuo Indicts Mahama

High Utility Tariff

The Asantehene said 'recent high energy tariff has brought the country face to face with the prospect of a general strike. My interactions with captains of business and industry have revealed substantial disquiet about the effect of energy cost and on the cost of doing business in Ghana and a potential hindrance to job creation.'He said that beyond energy, 'there are seemingly intractable problems around education, healthcare delivery, not to talk about the infrastructural overhang from uncompleted projects.He conceded that although every nation goes through periods of turbulence, 'it is how institutions of state manoeuvre through this turbulence that marks the difference between the stable and firmly rounded state and an unstable state.'We continue to believe that we have laid the foundation for a stable democratic state. We therefore hope that our institutions of state will rise up to the challenge to manoeuvre the ship of state through these storms. To do this, they must listen to the pain and anguish of the people they are paid to serve.Let creative minds step up the plate and find a compromise and not wait till we move from crisis to natural disaster.'

Single Spine

The Asantehene said that stakeholders' intention of establishing the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) had been good but its implementation 'has been fraught with problems.He said that the policy represents an enhancement of public sector emoluments. However, 'handling of conversion differences, premiums and various categories of allowances have led to industrial unrest and threat of strikes.'Before we embarked upon a scheme of this kind, we should have calculated the possible effects of our ability to service our debt. Is it any wonder that global rating agency should be downgrading Ghana?'

SO I ASK NANA AKYAA and her marauding serial callers to tell me where Asantehene praised Mahama in this Speech. If anyone wants to read the whole speech by Asantehene, they can google "Otumfuo Indicts Mahama"

General News | 11 November 2013

I have had my battles with Okatakyie Opoku Agyemang about his GAKE activities at the Npp forum where insulting words were exchanged between Okatakyie and myself and we were suspended from participating in the discourse at that forum for two weeks so nobody should question my support for Nana Akuffo Addo. We need unity and all the votes from all the seven contesting Presidential candidates for Nana Akuffo Addo to win in 2016 and that is my mission which two of the callers to this program, Nana Bonsu, an Alan Kyerematten supporter and the lady they call NKOSUOHEMAA a Nana Akuffo Addo supporter, a Northerner who I understand calls Kintampo her home and residing in Kazakstan seems to be aware of. If the rest of the callers can emulate the wisdom from these two people, Npp will be in a great shape.

Justice Sarpong



Columnist: Sarpong, Justice