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On Ghana-US security deal - Katakyie's take

Politics is an interesting game indeed and I think we must all now accept it when it comes to how it is played.

In Election 2016, you would bear with me how we consistently tagged the previous government as incompetent and corrupt.

And based on that and the better alternative we offered, the Ghanaian voter opted for us. Therefore, as a Party that intends to remain in political power for a longer period of time and keep the diabolic NDC in perpetual opposition, I am of the view that, we must be seen to be doing things differently that should please the citizenry and not to consolidate some of the mistakes they committed.

For instance, an incompetent government brings GITMO 2 to Ghana and we complain, then, a competent government comes to power and ratifies it with excuses. Again, an incompetent government signs a security deal in 1998/2015 with the US, then, a competent government comes in and its Parliament rushes to ratify it. The question is, what signal are we sending to the potential voters in 2020?

For me, I was expecting Parliament to take its time to critically assess the pros and cons of this particular deal, with regard to its long term effects since Americans are smarter when it comes to security matters. But, the hasty manner in which Parliament had ratified this deal is making me very suspicious. Could they have done the same to Right to Information Bill, ROPAL, among others? Your guess is as good as mine!

Admittedly, the US is the policeman of the world and can do whatever she wants to do to any country with regard to security, but I think Parliament and government owe it a duty to have taken time to explain the deal to the understanding of the ordinary Ghanaian.

As I said at Bekwai during the Parliament-Community engagement forum a couple of months ago, the Majority and Minority in Parliament become twins born by the same mum only when the issue is about the promotion of their welfare.

They have taken us for granted for far too long and the earlier we proved our anger to their actions, the better. Very soon, they would be coming to us to solicit for our votes and that is the only time they realise that, they derive their authority from us. How many MPs consulted their constituents before ratifying this security deal?

What is making me angrier is the action taken by that bogus Minority. Instead of you participating in the debate with the view to giving us more information on the deal, all you did was to stage a walk out when you know you're paid by the taxpayer to do a job. Why then did majority of you agree to the deal at the Committee level, only to come and stage a walk out? This is hypocrisy!

Well, I trust HE, President Akufo-Addo when it comes to the interest of Ghana. He is championing "Ghana Beyond Aid". If this security deal between Ghana and the US is not an aid, but a collaboration that would benefit us, let us embrace it and move on. If it won't benefit us, let's have a second thought.

Katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang - 0202471070

Asante Bekwai-Asakyiri

"Vision, coupled with persistency, results in true success"

Columnist: Katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang
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