On Wikileaks, the CIA and MOSSAD

Wed, 7 Sep 2011 Source: Amponsah, John

By John Amponsah

Wikileaks has once again released some information on Ghana. Much as these wikileaks exposés are interesting, it has emerged that the CIA and MOSSAD are behind these releases. A simple Google search such as “wikileaks, cia operation” will return some leads for any who are interested.

With this in mind, how are we meant to view the current wikileaks releases on Ghana? I think they should be taken with a grain of salt. I do not trust the CIA. In fact I do not trust politicians in general. Any individual given so much power has to be made accountable.

Yet it is not the place of the CIA to meddle in the affairs of other countries. The drug allegations made against a former president and a presidential aspirant of Ghana are for me unsubstantiated rumours. We have all heard about these, what we need is real evidence. For this, Ghanaians have to investigate the allegations to see if concrete evidence is there to support the claims. Otherwise it remains for me “just another instance of the rumour”.

‘Pax Americana’ is very strong, in fact no single entity on this planet can stand yet up to the might of the Americans. Some may say China is a contender but in my view they are far from being there yet. So you find a deliberate release such as wikileaks being used as a way to actually promote the views of American politicians on the world stage.

Can we trust American politicians? You will not find wikileaks reporting on some issues I consider very important. I will now list some “rumours” of my own that are well known in some American circles because there have been patriotic Americans who have looked into these issues. Perhaps I should dub this “Amponsah leaks”.

It has been rumoured (some will say ‘known’) for a while now that the current and especially the past American president have both had significant bisexual experiences. The partners of both presidents are also well known. Yet I have not seen a wikileaks article on this.

It has been rumoured (some will say ‘known’) that a presidential aspirant and former first lady of the US has had a long history (decades) of ‘lesbianism’ going way back to her undergraduate years. This was a person who was going to lead this most powerful country if she had won.

It has been rumoured (some will say ‘known’) that some very important members of current and past US governments have been active users of narcotics like cocaine.

It has been rumoured (some will say ‘known’) that a former vice president of the US (name withheld, see if you can figure it out) is very aggressive, ‘evil’ and borderline psychotic. This particular former leader reminds me of the evil emperor Palpatine of the Starwars movies. Yet there is no wikileaks article on his ‘exploits’, some of which are incredible.

It has been known (this one is not a rumour) that several male leaders of the US and many western countries congregate at a place called “Bohemian Grove” in California, where very important men ‘play’ with other men and conduct very strange rituals which I will not go into here. You can research this if you want. Members of this fraternity who have been questioned about this in the past (by brave journalists) go apoplectic at the very mention of this place which is very sacred to them.

There is much more, some of which it is not for me to write here so we will leave it at that.

The world is a very strange place where seemingly unbelievable but important and interesting (to me) stories that should make it into the main stream never make it there.

Why should we trust what the CIA and the MOSSAD are selectively putting out on the net? I can’t believe that the world fell for the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ ruse, but to see that these same players are about to use the same trick again with Syria just defies imagination. The people of the world have short attention spans.

The one country that surely has weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East is Israel and at one time, one of their leaders (Shimon Peres) was willing to share that information with Apartheid South Africa. But that is another story.

What is even more shocking is the duplicity of these western powers. I mean, how is it that the west (the intelligence agencies and NATO) can be in cahoots with AlQaeda when this very group was blamed for what happened to America on 9/11? It defies logic.

I will explain what I mean. When the Libyan troubles first started, Gaddafi said that AlQaeda was to blame. Mainstream western media was quick to deride him, some even said he was ‘out of touch with reality’. Fine, but the problem is that many people believed these mainstream reports.

Not long after the west began its offensive in Libya the UK Telegraph newspaper ran an article that interviewed an AlQaeda commander now working against Gaddafi in Libya (and with the help of NATO). How shocking is that? So NATO is supposedly fighting AlQaeda in Afghanistan while supporting them in Libya? Strange logic, isn’t it?

So Gaddafi was right. There is more. Now that the Libyan rebels have been installed with NATO special forces backing them up (similar to how Ouattara’s forces had French special forces and UN backing), we learn that the current commander of the Libyan rebel forces is an AlQaeda asset! Incredible, you might be saying. This is not an empty allegation. Check out Pepe Escobar’s article on Asia Times, speaking of this AlQaeda asset currently leading the Libyan rebel army. How will American patriots whose families died in 9/11 feel when they learn that their government is in cahoots with ‘the enemy’?

There is no way that the CIA and the other western intelligence agencies are not aware of this. What about the presidents and prime ministers of the various countries that support this Libyan regime?

In view of all this, are we to take seriously what the CIA and MOSSAD promote?

Ghana is a small country, tiny in influence and strength in comparison with the US. However in Ghana, elections are a big deal. The US should not meddle in political affairs of the country using this media (wikileaks) as a platform, especially since there is no way they and their western allies can boast of upholding a moral high ground. I wrote this article because Ghana and Ghanaians have the right to respond to what has been written about the country.

Columnist: Amponsah, John