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Once bitten twice shy: Poor NPP needs to reflect

ELECTION Npp Rally Supporters of the New Patriotic Party at a rally

Wed, 23 Dec 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

While waiting to come out in full force to criticise, although constructively, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) leadership, I would today like to convey to their attention amid asking, if indeed, they understand, and know the relevance of, the adage, “Once bitten, twice shy”? This brief proverbial statement means that “A person who has failed or been hurt when trying to do something is careful or fearful about doing it again”

From the election 2020 parliamentary results, there is the conspicuous evidence that the NPP leadership is either myopic or do not understand the danger inherent in taking to the same action that had previously failed them disastrously miserably. When going into either election 2008 or 2012, the NPP leadership imposed parliamentary-candidates on certain constituencies against the wishes of the constituents.

Tried as the constituents did, to prevail upon the NPP leadership to rescind their decision, they refused. In the end, and at the elections, the constituents proved to the NPP leadership that they hold the power to elect the parliamentarian of their choice but not the NPP leadership. They voted for the preferred candidates of their choice who had gone to contest on the ticket as Independent Candidates, having abandoned the NPP, on advice by their constituents. One obvious instance was in Asante Bekwai where the NPP person refused the opportunity to contest on the ticket of NPP went independent and won the election hands down to shame the NPP leadership.

The NPP decided to go back to the same irresponsible act that cost them parliamentary seats previously. They were warned against taking that line of action. I vividly remember Dr Amoako Tuffour warning them against such line of action and even going to the extent of predicting that it would cost NPP dearly.

I also joined in to admonish the NPP leadership to learn from their past mistakes by not imposing any candidate on any constituency but to allow any willing candidate to contest for the slot via the NPP primaries elections. Nonetheless, as obstinate as the NPP leadership was, and probably has always been, they stuck to their guns without listening to the wise words offered by those of us who have their ears to the ground and understand the feelings of the Ghanaian electorate.

In the end, as made evident by the election 2020 parliamentary election results, we woke up to be confronted with our worst nightmare, the NPP had seen their smooth level, the regrettable effect of obstinacy. “Obstinacy is the cause of the horns of the hornbill”, so the Akans say.

I hope they will never again repeat this mistake for the third term unless they would like to take people for fools and still believe in the stupidity of their probably “all-knowing” intellectualism to do what they feel is their inalienable right to do as they want when they want. It is only idiots, as per the reasoning of the ancient Greeks that will do that.

What did the ancient Greeks say about idiots? Please just watch the video below.


I am putting out this very publication following the truthful observations made by one Akumadan Agyei Nkansah, a Ghanaian residing in Belgium, but went home to help with the NPP 2020 electioneering campaign. All that he disclosed on the “Net2TV the Seat Show” hosted by programme presenter Kwaku Annan, on the evening of Monday, 21 December 2020, was nothing but the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. It hurts to tell the truth but in the end, it brings comfort.

The NPP appear to act contrary to the wise saying, “Do not bite the hand that feeds you”. The NPP leadership only needs you when they are going into general elections but completely forget you do exist when they win it. Once they win the election, those who are appointed into positions of leadership then go for what the Akans will say the “Anno ampamfo3”, thus, in English, those who never contributed any effort towards the success, to come and enjoy the sweat of those who really fought to bring about the success. There is always a costly price to pay for acting in such an ill-mannered and ungrateful way. No wonder that the NPP has been compelled to pay the price attached to behaving in that incomprehensible and abhorred manner.

How on earth should the NPP ignore their foot soldiers and those who contributed immensely in diverse ways to bring the party to power in favour of those NDC people, and still expect the NPP foot soldiers to go out in their multitude to vote for the NPP?

The NDC guys had enjoyed under NDC governments. Therefore, for the NPP leadership to say we are all Ghanaians and that we have to be treated equally, is politically incorrect, if not suicidal. I am sorry, this is the height of stupidity if I am not afraid, to say the least. Does the NPP leadership understand what is called “POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION”? If they don’t, they had better go to South Africa or the United Kingdom to ask to be explained what is positive discrimination and why, how and when it is applied.

My wife, did about two months ago, complain to me that whenever she tuned in to Sources Radio UK over the past many months, she could not get the station. I sent a WhatsApp message to DJ Sarkodie of Sources Radio, to notify him about my wife’s observation. He texted me back saying, “Maa Akosua is getting it all wrong. The station is working”. After doing a bit of ping-pong with him, he acknowledged that he goes to the station from 17:00 to 20:00 hours (3PM to 8PM). This could explain why my wife could probably not get the station whenever she tuned in to it.

DJ Sarkodie of Sources Radio UK has taken me as his father. He only addresses me as Daddy without mentioning my name. Again, he is a member of the Agona Clan same as me. I used to frequent his station as a guest years back, although I do it no more because of lack of time on my side despite his insistence that I turn up in his studio.

If for all his efforts made, and energy expended, to help the NPP since 2008 to eventually win the election in 2016, the NPP could callously sideline him as made known on Net2TV yesterday, Monday, 21 December 2020, by Akumadam Agyei Nkansah, then I am afraid, the NPP is not worth dying for. Nevertheless, for the sake of achieving the collective interests of Ghanaians, let us be with the NPP but not to hesitate to take them to the cleaners whenever they go wrong, exactly what I am doing.

DJ Sarkodie of Sources Radio in London had not asked for any favours other than to be granted a licence to operate a Radio FM station in Ghana. However, as according to Akumadan Agyei Nkansah, the NPP government has turned him down. Could it be that he could not meet the criteria for granting him the licence and there was no one out there to help him meet that criteria? No wonder that the NPP performed abysmally in election 2020.

The NPP leadership and government could not realise the length and broad he went, using his radio station to mobilise people, let alone, spreading the good message about NPP, to persuade people to vote NPP.

He did all that for free whereas on other radio stations, the NPP would have been required to pay for the airtime. The NPP could not recompense his kindness and dedication to the party by granting him the licence he seeks, as asserted by Akumadam Agyei Nkansah.

I had once met then parliamentary-candidates Titus Glover and … in the studio of Sources Radio in 2012. They were hosted by DJ Sarkodie; granted free airtime to disseminate whatever campaign messages they had for Ghanaians worldwide.

Had it not been Ghanaians residing abroad, NPP would not have come to power any time soon. They contributed financially and helped in other many diverse ways yet, look at their recompense. No one is asking the government of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to favour the Ghanaian “burgers” at the expense of those in Ghana, but to turn your back on them that coldly, is very wrong.

I am a different person altogether. I don’t need anything directly from the NPP as a person but the achievement of the collective interests of Ghanaians. Many a time had those who care about me approached me with the advice to be rather supportive of the NDC by my articles than the NPP.

I had always turned them down, although in their eyes, I stand to reap financial benefits going with the NDC than staying with the NPP who even don’t know who Rockson Adofo is, let alone, expressing their gratitude to him.

I was born differently. When majority of Ghanaians are happy and live a better life devoid of bitterness and complaints, I have fulfilled my aim, and acquired the level of satisfaction in life that I need. I am not after any material benefits or wealth from anyone hence not perturbed by my non-recognition on any platform by the NPP.

Nevertheless, recognition is one of the vital factors for the success of every business. Recognise and praise those who help you in positive ways for the progressive achievements by your company, so that its success story will grow from strength to strength, so the business norm dictates.

The NPP leadership had better learn and change from certain attitudes of theirs that are very unhelpful and do not champion the cause of achieving their ultimate utopian dream for Ghana.

Once in Ghana, during election 2016, a very important and well-to-do member of the NPP that I had sat down with three days to the election, to have a convivial chat about the NPP and their prospects of success in election 2016, behaved as though he never knew me the next day after the NPP winning the election. He simply looked sideways upon sighting me from a distance and completely ignored me when we nearly came into contact. What an exponential level of ignorance in display here, I said to myself!

This attitude by the NPP must stop, and I shall do my bit to make sure it stops. It is not healthy at all. This is why I had once published an article to lambast Sammy Awuku and twice to castigate John Boadu for acting contrary to civilized norms. Without the ordinary NPP members, supporters and sympathisers ready to canvass for votes and vote for the NPP, where will the leadership be? They will all be Messrs Nobodies! Therefore, I urge them to behave wisely, realising the benefit of the foot soldiers and supporters to the NPP, to respect them or else, they will tell you, although as poor and less educated as they are, they hold the power to determine who rules Ghana by exercising the power of their thumb, thus, “Kokromoti power”.

I wield a double-sided dagger that cuts on both sides; cutting not only the NDC but also, the NPP. A word to the wise is enough. Bear in mind, oh NPP leadership that “Once bitten, twice shy”

Merry Christmas to all Ghanaians, especially Kumawu and Asiampa citizens with the NPP leadership included.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo