One God, one holy land, opposing religions

Bible Pidgin File photo of the Bible

Tue, 18 May 2021 Source: Kwaku Antwi-Boasiako

There’s supposed to be only one God, according to these religions.

One God, who is supposed to have created one piece of Holy Land.

They worship the same God. One God, several religions borne out on the same Holy Land.

They are all for peace; then they are all for war.

They are all peace-loving religions, yet they all kill in the name of God.

They all worship the God of Peace, and the God of War.

They say God is Omniscience, all-knowing. And God is truth or truthful.

So how is it that God cannot tell the world who owns what part of that Holy Land?

Did God actually speak through prophets, leading to several religions?

Why has God failed to speak the truth through any prophets as to who owns which part of that Holy Land?

They say God is Omnipotent, all-powerful. And yet God can’t or won’t stop the decades-long bloodshed being perpetrated in his name by these opposing religions?

They all claim their God is love and merciful and their religion is full of love and mercy.

Yet they don’t blink when they kill children, women and unarmed men in the name of their God.

With so much bloodshed and hate on the Holy Land of God, who needs the Land of the Devil? With so much pain and suffering in the Land of God, who needs Hell?

Columnist: Kwaku Antwi-Boasiako