'One dam, one community' idea scatters NDC

Mon, 29 Aug 2016 Source: Charles Agbenu

John Ford Mahama is acting blind and lazy as executive President and it has affected the apparatchiks of NDC the party he leads. Together they have no vision. They don't read. They don't think. They have sent Ghana into stagnation. They are interested in doing elementary sums 1+1 = 2 or 10+10 = 20. Anything like 102 or 56x or 16 1/3 etc seem complicated and complex to them. But they still want to win elections to lead a modern complex country like Ghana with their simplistic minds, without any big idea? Ghana is not cheap.

Mahama is from the Northern part of the country. But strangely he does not seem to know that up in the North, their language and thinking is that everything which stores water for irrigation is a termed "dam'.

So Akufo Ado, the NPP Presidential hopeful, being in touch with the people has a vision to build boreholes, small dams and reservoirs....( all are dams) if elected to the Presidency .

Akufo Ado is visionary to think every settlement must survive and the inhabitants all need clean water to be stored to drink and irrigate their farms to form a strong expansive base to push forward Ghana's envisaged accelerated agricultural schemes to support and cement the overall Great Industrialization Plan.

The North are mainly farmers and need stored water of some sort , all year round either in boreholes, reservoirs, dams to boost their farming ventures. In local thoughts, all these facilities are called DAMS. Akufo Ado is not going to rely on rain-fed agriculture in his modernized agricultural development. And he plans to build dams in all the communities and towns in the North.

This revelation has confused NDC. They have seen 102 and 56x and they are lazy, they are frightened. They just don't understand and they shout in shame:-'Akufo Ado can't do it. Akufo Ado is crazy. Akufo Ado has no message.

It's clear that NDC are lost in emptiness and rottenness. They have seen something in their vacuum of comfort and they are agitated and scattered, stranded like whales on seashore.

In their mediocre comfort zone, free SHS is strange to them. One District, One factory shakes them.

To them 'One community, One dam' is impossible. So, is it strange for NDC to imagine that every modern settlement must have controlled source of water to survive? And that's what Akufo Ado wants to implement in his Grand Plan. And that's what NDC says it's not possible. Akufo Ado is the man of the moment. He is romping home triumphant.

Columnist: Charles Agbenu