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Onward, Kumawuman Citizens, Marching as to War

Onward, Kumawuman Citizens, Marching as to War.........Queen Summoned to Court

"When the die is cast, there is no turning back". When water is left in a pot longer than it is needed, it gives off foul smell. And when people are unnecessarily bullied for far too long, they revolt. This is the beginning of a popular revolution by the Kumawuman people who have suffered far too long in silence under the traditional oppressive rule in contrast to the national anthem......"redeem us from the oppressor's rule". The power-wielding modern day "Yaa Asantewa", who by her enormous wealth thinks she can make her subjects cringe in fear when they see her, has been summoned to court by her own family members to clarify a few baffling issues.

Insults upon insults have the Kumawuman people succumbed to, for the fact of not having a choice. Now, Kumawuman people under the courageous and exemplary beaconing leadership of their "Aduanahene" have found their voice at long last. The insolence of the queen will finally come to an end. There is time for everything as said in the biblical Ecclesiastes. There is time to be rude, time to be courteous; time for merry-making, time to weep. And now, it is the time to relinquish her obstinate control over the "men's" stool, that is, the chief's stool.

One may inquire to know what is amiss. The historical "Abamo", a war trophy of immense significance that has what it takes to make a Kumawuman queen the queen, has mysteriously vanished under the very nose of the queen for the past three years. The rudeness has as usual taken the better side of the queen. She, thinking to be Omnipotent, Omniscient and her friendship with some powerful King/chief, her connections with members of the present ruling and past governments make her Omnipresent, has not bothered to offer any tangible reasons for the "Abamo's" disappearance. However, it was in her custody, under her eagle's eyes. One may ask, is it greediness and the quest for financial supremacy by whoever, that brought about the disappearance of the "Abamo" that has become an enigma?

Feathers have been ruffled. The waters have been disturbed. Kumawuman people worldwide are all ears, waiting to hear and see who says what in this noble line of action taken by the Kumawuman Aduanahene? They have promised to go any extra mile to assert not only their freedom but also, to ensure their choice of quality chief is selected. Once the popular action of the masses is set in motion, nobody, and I repeat, nobody, irrespective of their status, can put out the burning flame within them to assert their freedom. They are stringently upholding their popular belief that they can now choose their own chief. Any unpopular move made by whomever to lend support to maintaining the one woman-"showmanship" to the continual detriment of the Kumawuman masses will vehemently be counteracted.

Nana Aduanahene does not stand alone. Almost the entire Kumawuman is solidly behind him. Touch him, and you have transgressed. Threaten him, and you have dared the bravery of Barima Tweneboah Kodua I, the paramount chief of Kumawu whose sacrificial blood saved the once powerful Ashanti Kingdom and the magnitude of the visitation upon the erring person will be eyesore, ear-splitting to whoever may hear it.

Nobody should dare influence adversely, the will of the suffering masses. Kumawuman needs people of integrity and decency ready to account for their stewardship, to wear the kingly crown. Stand in their way and you will be burnt or flayed alive.

"Kontirehene", an outwardly exuberant person, has jointly been served to appear in court to explain why his underhand connivance with the queen to go against the popular wish of the Kumawuman people? Human beings can be deceiving if "Kontirehene" has been doing as alleged. Has he become a lying politician overnight, saying one thing in public while doing another under the cover of darkness?

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Columnist: Ayitey, Nelson