Open Letter To Nana Akuffo -Addo

Thu, 14 Aug 2014 Source: Amenga-Etego, Akaabitono SaCut

Please Learn To Tell The Truth - Confess you are Sick!

Dear Nana Addo,

I have read over and again the speech that you delivered on the day of your campaign launch to run as flag bearer of your party - hoping to be third time lucky.

All I saw in it was pure dishonesty. Forget about the good English.

People who didn't go to primary school in England even speak good English in Ghana. So there is no need to clap hands for you just because you keep "stepping on words" all the time. I also speak good English even though I went to Primary school in Kandiga village.

Sir, How can you look into our faces, and lie through your teeth that you are very healthy physically, mentally, psychologically and so on?

We are aware, and our sources are very reliable, that during the Supreme Court hearing last year, you became suddenly indisposed. Don't even try to deny it.

We are also aware that you were diagnosed at the Arckar Clinic here in Accra with a "serious heart condition".

We also know sir, that you were under pressure to go abroad for a second and third opinion on your heart condition. No wonder therefore that as soon as the supreme verdict was delivered on your infamous electoral petition, you claimed you were going on holidays abroad and to reflect on your future political ambitions.

Well, we cannot be fooled. We know that you only went to England to be sure that the Ghanaian doctors were not deceiving or tricking you. And even after the English doctors confirmed to you that you are really sick in your heart, you refused to believe them because you are totally blinded by your ambition.

Nana, please don't ask me how I got to know all of this. I am a political journalist and I have my eyes and ears close to you. You can call call them sources. In fact, I am even aware that when the English doctors confirmed what you already knew, you still sought a third opinion in Germany. Didn't you?

The Germans told you to retire and relax but your cronies encouraged you not to do so all because of their own personal and parochial interests.

Refusing to pay attention to your doctor's advise, you returned home after your long medical vacation to announce your return to politics - and recently claimed falsely - that you are fit psychologically, physically, mentally etc. - contrary to what the experts have said to you.

Master - you know you can never cheat nature. If you try it, nature will turn round to cheat you. See what happened to you whiles you attempted to campaign in northern Ghana. Your frail heart failed you. But since you forgot that you can only fool some of the people some of the time but cannot fool all of the people all of the time, you tried to pull wool over our eyes - like always - by telling us that you were discontinuing your campaign tour to make way for so - called electoral registration exercise.

What?? Do you think you and your people are the only ones with a sixth sense in this country? Nana please, stop this hanky - panky that you keep playing with the people of Ghana. Didn't you know already about that electoral exercise when you set out to launch your campaign? You definitely did. So please come again with another more intelligent trick!

I know that the truth is bitter. Yes, Some of us have tasted it before. However, as a political journalist whose duty is to the Ghanaian public, I owe it to the people to expose the bitter truth as plainly as possible - even about the man who claim to be 70 years young. And that is why I will advise you and your people - some of who are my friends though - to just try and swallow these bitter pills that I am supplying in my letter. It is for the good of Ghana. Or didn't you say that you love Ghana? Let's show some love for Ghana by speaking the truth - for once.

Yes, Nana, we were all in this country when your people, hiding behind your back, kept drumming home the purported sickness of our late President John Evans Atta Mills ( of blessed memory). Your people - I mean your NPP people - made it an electoral campaign issue. And yes, there was truth in it as we have all come to know.

At that time, many people in the NDC party and government denied his sickness. However, all the denials did not bury the truth. Our late President eventually did not survive his full tenure. And that is why you and your people should not even waste our time trying to deny the glaring truth of your serious heart condition as that will not change anything. The ends will always justify the means. When you and your people used Atta Mills' ailment as a political campaign tool, did you think you were impregnable to sickness?

Now that we have the benefit of hindsight, we Ghanaians don't want to suffer the same fate twice. I know you are very desperate to become President. Your colleagues have even convinced you that you may be third time lucky - just like the late President Mills. Don't be deceived, your destiny is different. Ghanaians have been once bitten, and we are now twice shy.

Some of your people - naive as they are - will say that I am doing campaign for Alan Kyeremateng. Of what value is it for myself personally or my political party to do that? In fact, I neither care about you nor your rival Kyeremateng - unless any of you become President by chance - in which case I may become compelled to care. In the meantime, I don't even believe that Allan Kyeremateng has the lyrics to convince Ghanaians to vote for him as President.

Nana, as for your good young self, you got the lyrics but you lack the stamina and the adaptive vitality to endure - I am sorry. It doesn't matter how much "brofo" you speak to convince us. But if your people insists on putting their flag on your neck, well, that will be their own cup of tea. Some of us will always be here to remind you as well as the Ghanaian people. But as a 70 years young man, as you claim, please, just learn to speak the truth.

Courageously yours, SaCut Amenga-Etego

(Political Journalist & Ghost writer)

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Columnist: Amenga-Etego, Akaabitono SaCut