Open Letter To Raphael Cubbagee And His Group In Sunyani

Sat, 25 Sep 2010 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

I write to call upon all those who believe in former President Rawlings ideology to remain within the NDC which he founded and then fight for their rights to weed out all those later day saints in the party who in tend to kill the spirit of former President Rawlings in the party. What do they know? And when did they join the party? We shall make them transparent with hard evidence for the President and Party Headquarters to see and they will all be shown the exit because the ROT in the party is too shameful since hundreds of party supporters are gradually leaving the NDC party because of the deceit, dishonesty and plain lies peddled by most constituency executives.

Cadres must continue calling on His Excellency President Atta Mills to call to order those FEW PARTY members in the various Regions and Constituencies and some government appointees whose activities we consider as extremely SUFFOCATING the growth of the party in the various Constituencies and even TEIN nationwide. Cadres must stay in the party and fight on because NO BODY MUST ALLOW HIMSELF TO BE TREATED AS A STRANGER in the party as it is happening in so many constituencies including Obuasi just because these greedy executives in the party cannot see anything beyond their stomachs.

We must let our detractors EAT at the wrong sides of their months and they will finally leave the party shamefully – if they do not change over a new lead. We were all in this country when a former Cabinet Minister bought 4 brand new 4 x 4 double cabin pickups and donated them to the NPP when they won power with the help of Britain in December 2000. There are several government appointees like that former minister I have described above in the Mills administration so we must expose such characters RATHER than defecting from the NDC to form the (RDPP) which has been formed to project Rawlings ideology and he RIGHTLY DISTANCED himself from that new party. Don’t allow these wise political spiders in the NPP to use you for their selfish political interests. Is that clear? Raphael Cubbagee must return home to the NDC – No matter your bitterness with the top gurus of the NDC at Sunyani. It can be solved easily. Cadres have gone through WORSE situations than what some Constituency and Regional Executives of the NDC are doing to cadres nation wide today, or were you not around between 1982 and 1992 in this country? Were our senior cadres not given Ex-gratia awards whilst majority of the cadres who were the foot soldiers of the PNDC went home with Empty Hands?


During the constituency elections, most DCE’s and MCE’s went to every length of falsehoods to ensure that their protégés or favourites – Yes men and Yes women were “elected” and after they succeeded, the consequence is that all party activities are frozen at the constituency level and apathy among party supporters is always high. Can somebody then blame cadres for this undemocratic anomaly? The answer is a big No.

This issue of SELF-IMPORTANCE has been the bane of many District Chief Executives which result in the Constituency Executive Members rather RUNNING to them to take instructions because they do NOT know what to do; instead of organizing party supporters and educating them about government policies and later briefing the DCE’s about the situation on the ground, since it is the party that should monitor the activities of MCE’s and DCE’s, it is rather some DCE’s and MCE’s who monitor the activities of Constituency Executive Members in the party.

Most party supporters are compelled to sit on the fence and allowing the DCE’s and MCE’s to ran a ONE MAN show because they control the Constituency Executive members and what they direct the Executive members to do will be done whether that policy is good or bad – who ever will dis-agree with that bad policy and point out mistakes and short comings in the policy becomes an INSTANT ENEMY of the MCE or DCE. Just like my case in the Obuasi Constituency, is this the democracy promised by the so-called New NDC in 2008? No. These development leads to the gradual erosion of confidence in the ruling party which invariably goes a long way to affect the party’s chances of retaining power in future polls. The District Assembly Elections are non-partisan and if you are in an orphan constituency whish is an opposition stronghold and you openly choose your favourite party supporters to contest old assembly members by openly undermining them – do you think your chosen candidates will ever win the assembly election?

When party foot soldiers misbehave, the blame must first be placed at the doorsteps of the Regional Executive Committee members who always fail to respond and resolve simple problems and misunderstandings in the various constituencies under their respective Regions and the second blame should go to the DCE’s and MCE’s who have adopted a Divide and Rule tactics in order to satisfy themselves in the various constituencies. Can they patch up with those they sidelined earlier during the 2012 general elections with their divide and rule tactics again or they think they will be no elections in 2012?

I can predict that some NDC campaign teams will go round and the people will not be prepared to receive and listen to them at best, on the other hand, they will be chased way with sticks and stones at worst in 2012 – because of deceit, lies and dishonesty on the party of some constituency executive members and their DCE’s and MCE’s. Theses are NOT my words, but I sincerely believe it is the bitter truth because IT PAYS TO BE NICE TO PEOPLE ON YOUR WAY UP, FOR IT IS THE SAME PEOPLE YOU WILL MEET ON YOUR WAY DOWN – but if you are stubborn, snobbish and arrogant on your way up – what do you want Ghanaians voters to tell you during the general elections in 2012? They will kick you out, on the extreme side, NDC foot soldiers will chase you out even before the general elections and NOT the cadres Nobody must paint the cadres black.

When the 10 Regional Chairmen met in Accra some 3 months ago, they RIGHTLY pointed out that the behavior of some constituency chairmen and government appointees are behind the violent behavior of the NDC foot soldiers, yet they came from that meeting in Accra and the same upheavals are still going on in some constituencies – I beg to ask, why is it so? “Whoever calls His brother a worthless fool will be in danger of going to the fire of hell” (Matthew 5:22). To suffer for oneself is the most empties of ALL SUFFERING. But to suffer for others to enjoy without ANY REWARD is the worst form of SLAVERY on earth.

Cast your minds back to June 4, 1979 where some cadres including this writer started the process right into the PNDC era 1982 where several cadres perished in defence of their mother land. To day 2010, if some self seekers who knows how to EAT well through back biting, character assassinations have decided to HIJACK the NDC party for their selfish ends – we don’t have to ran away and form a New Party but we must re-organise and fight back for sanity and equal rights to prevail in the NDC and damn the consequences. So if your right eye causes you to sin, take it out and throw it away! It is much better for you to lose a part of your body than to be thrown into Hell. If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away! It is much better for you to lose one of your limbs than for your whole body to go to Hell (Mathew 5:29-30).

These are not by words but a quotation from the Holy Bible which goes on to state that “Do not be afraid of those who KILL THE BODY but CANNOT KILL the soul; rather be AFRAID of GOD who can destroy both BODY and SOUL in HELL (Mathew 10:28). Some government appointees and their constituency chairmen are working, NEGATIVELY around the clock to send the NDC back to HELL – that means opposition because they did NOT suffer before occupying their various positions that is why they behave that way and we must NOT allow them to succeed at all if we sit down and allow this ROT to flourish in the various constituencies throughout the country, the NDC will lose many votes in 2012 because Ghanaians are very discerning these days when it comes to casting their votes for politicians and political parties. It is HELL to be in opposition in Ghana, because you are treated as a SEMI-HUMAN BEING. Whatever be the case, the Devil you know in the NDC is far better than the Angel you don’t know in the NPP, I won’t go further because a word to the wise is Enough.

You see, lies put up as propaganda remain lies, no matter the political persuasion of the liar so let those Constituency Executive members and their DCE’s continue to engage in back biting and character assassination of die-hord cadres in order to destroy them – the would fail miserably.

Aluta Continua

Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organizer

United Cadres Front

C/O Box 32, Obuasi

E-mail: clementsang@yahoo.com


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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement