Open Letter To Samia

Tue, 25 Dec 2012 Source: Mohammed, Murtala

Dear Madam,

Donko Me Oo Donko Me!!! Buy One Get One Free; Cpp For Sale

I am not surprised you lost the Jomoro Parliamentary Seat. I am not surprised that the CPP performed poorly under your watch. Inexperience, Pride, Arrogance and Vindictiveness are alien to victory. If you had been Tolerant, Patient, Humble and did not trade in invectives like the “Nduom Nonsense must stop”, the CPP would have been singing a different tune today. And you would have been the face of CPP’S rebirth and the proud daughter of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. As it stands now, you remain a scar in the legacy and the lineage of your father, the great Osagyefo of blessed memory. You now own the record of Osagyefo’s daughter who came to bury his party.

I will not be-labour or glorify your defeat because I know you are Okay and happy albeit the party is dead.Therefore let’s all hail Samia, the Egyptian Goddess, she who must be obeyed, the only daughter of Osagyefo, the proud loser of the Jomoro seat and the iconic face of CPP’s fiasco. Ayeekoo!

I am writing you this letter because of your utterances when some leading members of the party resigned. You and the other executives were of the opinion that, nothing untoward would happen to the party while some of us were of the opinion that it could spell the doom of the party. I think the votes on December 7 vindicate our position. You were mercilessly beaten at the polls beyond repairs and the CPP failed to chalk its record of 1.24% that was obtained in the 2008 elections. Do you remember when you said the exit of Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom will open flood gates for your well wishers to come in and help you? I guess not a single drop of water flowed into CPP when the gates were open or may be the well wishers contributed in cash but ended in somebody’s pocket. The long and short of the story is that you have failed as chairman and a Member of Parliament.Politics of conviction and principle demand that you come out publicly to accept you got it all wrong and to apologize to the rank and file of the party and comrades like me, who were victimizedand punishedfor holding such opinion.

Madam, the reason why you failed is simply ingratitude. The Ghanaian populace is aware that, it was Chairman LadiNylander, Uncle Mike Eghan and Dr. Papa KwesiNduom who brought you to Ghana and ushered you into Ghanaian politics. If today you have betrayed and abandoned these honorable men based on personal agenda or hearsay, then you will have to pay for your ingratitude and hence your defeat. Ghanaians will not buy anything that is being driven by greediness, ingratitude and vindictiveness.Your Father, the great Osagyefo was also brought backinto this country by the U.G.C.C, but because he was selfless and un-yielding in advancing the cause of the masses, he prevailed. You failed because you have surrounded yourself with visionless ideological dinosaurs instead of the masses. With all due respect, you will fail again if they still lurk around you. My little worry also is your failure to read between the lines in the people around you; the honest men and women you claim with integrity who carry no baggage. These so called leading members of the party that you listen to are not interested in the party winning political power. They rather have their mouths and stomachs in Government while the party stays in opposition forever. In less than a week since JM took office, Professor Akosa has been named as part of the Transitional Team of the NDC government without the Central Committee’s approval. This is exactly what I’ve being talking about, personal parochial interest!

Madam, if you don’t know, now listen! These so called “men of integrity” that you refer to were the first persons to take up positions in NDC government after Atta Mills won in 2008. This same man, Professor Akosa has been a member of National Development Planning Commission, Dr. Kwaku Sarfo was made a board member of the ECG. Mr. Idriss Egala became the Chairman of the Central Tender Board. Nii Moi Thompson went to the Bank of Ghana. Nii Noi Dowuona was assigned to the National Accreditation Board. Dr. Kwabena Duffuor became Finance Minister; all without Central Committee approval. Others became informal advisors to the NDC government. I warned you against these men but you wouldn’t listen. You were carried away by a chairmanship that is only cosmetic and the hypocritical praise singing of minions of these same men. Even before the election results started trickling in, the CPP, represented by Comrade Kosi Dedey and Jantuah was in cahoots with the NDC at the E.C. strong room. They were part of the cabal NDC marshaled into the strong room to accept cooked figures. They were signing every figure that came into the strong room without cross checking. If they were a little vigilant, I think they would have detected the Ivorian exported vote that you claimed caused you to lose in Jomoro. LOL!

I also read in the newspapers on Wednesday 19, that another leading member of the CPP, MR. Nii Moi Thompson is calling on the leadership of the party to join the NDC. He may be having a good reason for saying that but to what end? Any way I think he makes sense considering the way and manner the party was managed just after congress. Mr. K.B. Asante also thinks the CPP should work closely with the NDC. You may not join the NDC but they will go. Hmmm, whichever way you will turn, just remember I predicted that’s the way you are going to go. Once again I am vindicated.

Lest I forget, be reminded of the protest you waged against the increments of the MP’S salaries and emoluments. You said it was outrageous and un-called for in a poor country such as ours. You promised Ghanaians you will not take a penny from this gargantuan money. This is certainly a noble path. Ghanaians are watching how you are going to return that huge sum of money when it is credited to your account.

Now that you have succeeded in sacking everybody in your father’s party, Now that you have lost the Jomoro Seat, Now that your brother is accusing you of killing his son Alin, Now that you have victoriously chalked a percentage less than the GCPP, How much are you going to sell the CPP to the NDC?

Madam, until then, if you wake up early morning and here the cock crows, it is the voice of a well wisher shouting “DONKO ME OO DONKO ME! BUY ONE GET ONE FREE; CPP FOR SALE.




Columnist: Mohammed, Murtala