Open Letter To Uncle Fiifi

Fri, 26 Dec 2008 Source: Debrah, Joe Aboagye

Dear Uncle Fiifi,

Her Ladyship and the two musketeers send their greetings! She had warned me to stay off writing but you know its therapeutic effect is such that after being silent for a long while, my doctor advised me to start writing again.

It’s been quite a while since I last saw you. I have followed every move of yours on television and radio and read all angles of your amazing improbable journey in all the newspapers and online. When I kept telling people who had been blinded by propaganda that they write you off at their peril, they laughed. See who’s laughing now? They said you were weak, sick, dying, and dead! They said your house to house was useless. Today, it has been ‘blofolised’ into ‘hamlet to hamlet’.

I believe you have reached where you are primarily on your personal integrity. People look at you and who you are and are prepared to hear you out. The only abiding pain is you know who! If only you could tell Ghanaians that the only power that can counter that is state power. If you get to the house that Yewura built, I know you will be a fine president and the oldman power will not be an albatross. But many people are not convinced. I personally think that a lot of people underestimate the power in you. Please, say something to assure people. I have tried sometimes to tell people that African political history shows that in order to have any credibility as leader, you have no choice but to deal with the counter force which may be your mentor where necessary. I know the oldman will feel accomplished when you win and will now rest properly. However, if you win, and the old man interferes in a manner that impugns your credibility as the leader of the country, you have the balls to act. I know but you have to let others know. That is your biggest hurdle! Cross it and you will give a lot of Osono and false prophets a very unhappy New Year!

You have shown that integrity pays. You have shown that sincerity and stead fastness pays. You are a true patriot. If you win, Ghana is still the winner. Thanks for rocking the boat, big time! If Aseeho + change = power, then some people may have one heck of an adjustment to make, post December 28, 2008!

Gyekyewaa, myself and the boys wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Uncle Fiifi, wo ye bad paaaa!!! Wa ma amanfo ho hyehye won pa pa!!!

Yours faithfully

Joe Aboagye Debrah Esq. www.osimidiaries.blogspot.com

Columnist: Debrah, Joe Aboagye