Opinions Mon, 18 Nov 2013

Open Letter to Asantehene

? ?Dear Otumfuo,? ?May you find wisdom that will redirect your steps in this message I am communicating to you today via the electronic media. It is said, "It does not belong to he who is leading to redirect their steps". You may not know how crooked the path you are charting or cutting is if you are leading unless those behind you point it out to you hence, this letter of admonit ? ?Not long ago, after several years of dillydallying arbitrating the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute, you declared a verdict that many a true discerning citizen of Kumawu found completely travestied. The judgment, in my knowledgeable opinion as a true citizen of Kumawu, was not only erroneous but also, seemed to rewrite the history of Kumawu in an equally flawed manner. You are aware of the verdict you pronounced so there is no need for it being repeated here. I had in some earlier publication made my views clear to you. Whatever the verdict was, it cannot be blamed on your assisting "Amanhene" but the buck stops squarely with you as the head of the adjudication panel. How some of the Amanhene may have been induced by bribery to act as they did, or may not be conversant with Kumawu history is not the matter of discussion today. ? ?When you declared whatever judgment that was, you directed certain persons to put their heads together, find a royal acceptable to all the citizens of Kumawu traditional area,and install him as the paramount chief of Kumawu traditional area. ? ?No sooner had you declared as stated than the queen of Kumawu left for Canada for months without telling anyone, especially,those with whom she was to search for a credible royal as instructed.She only came back when you publicly declared before Asanteman Council your resolute determination to install new chiefs in areas like Kumawu, Fomena, Essumeja and Juaso by December 2013,if the elders of the mentioned areas fail to do so themselves after you had long adjudicated their chieftaincy disputes.? ?As clever as she has always been, and always thinking to be a step,if not several steps, ahead of others, she informed you she was going to open the vacancy for contest among those royals that see themselves fit to become the "Omanhene" of Kumawu, the next day. She said this to you on a Monday when you had summoned the elders of the named towns before you. She never told you she had disrespected your orders and the elders of Kumawu by taking some unannounced time off to chill out in Canada. However, by telling you she was about to open the vacancy for contest on Tuesday, a day in advance of your summons (Monday), which any unsuspecting person would believe her, she was really a step ahead in intelligence of those that she had intended to deceive.? ?Additionally, she has,as we speak, left Kumawu for an unknown destination after closing the submission of applications by all supposedly eligible royals for the post of Kumawu "Omanhene". Nobody knows where she is after accepting relevant customary rites of seeking to become a paramount chief from about eight candidates; four from Ankaase, three from Ananingya and one from Sekyere Odumase, if I am not wrong. The number of contestants is irrelevant but the aftermath of the closure is worth noticing. ? ?She has told certain confidants that she is taking the list of names of the contestants to show to Asantehene to decide on who to nominate for Kumawuhene. This is where my advice to you comes in.? ?I am sure you are not going to assist the queen to continue to play mind games on Kumawu people, as seeming foxy as she is. You may have learnt a bitter lesson from the recent encounters you have had with the public by involving yourself actively in issues of national or local interest in which the majority of the public are of a contrary view.? ?I strongly advise you not to allow the queen to suck you into another dangerous whirlpool of derogatory insults, condemnations and curses of which you are likely to become a victim should you not aspire to live above reproach this time around. You will surely be cruising for bruising should you decidedly err again by making the wrong moves that allow her to use you to advance or attain her selfish intentions.? ?Ghanaian elders have the habit to hate those that tell them the truth as it is. However, they should understand that "it hurts to tell the truth but in the end it brings comfort". To be warned is to be forearmed and had I known is always at last.? ? ?I hope you will treat this message with the needed attention. ? ?Thank you ? ? ? Yours Sincerely, ? ? Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson