Open Letter to Ex-NPP Chairman Paul Afoko

Mon, 9 Nov 2015 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Dear Mr Afoko,

Following the recent unpalatable developments in the New Patriotic Party (NPP), I have been compelled as a dynamic forward-looking Ghanaian, very adept at dealing with stormy situations to calm the tempest, to write to you. You are currently bedevilled by the repercussions of your own shenanigans.

All along, your allegiance to NPP as Chairman had become a suspect concluding from both your actions, inactions and circumstantial evidences. You had been scheming for the defeat of not only Nana Akofo Addo but also, the NPP in the upcoming 2016 general elections. This is an undeniable fact that only a fool will make any attempt for the public to believe otherwise.

Please, you had better note that any sabotage from whomever to derail the chances of NPP and especially, Nana Akufo Addo, from winning election 2016 is not a personal attack on him only but on all the suffering Ghanaian masses desperately making daily and incessant supplications to God to rid Ghana of the John Mahama NDC-led government, the most unprecedented corrupt government in the annals of Ghana's politics.

If you were a White man but not obviously a Black man as it is, you would voluntarily have resigned your position as Chairman of NPP as soon as the Upper West NPP Regional Chairman Mahama Adams was fatally attacked by your brother. The circumstances leading to the attack on him and his subsequent death, where he had beforehand vociferously dissented to your suspicious convention of NPP meeting in the Upper West, were more than enough grounds to directly or indirectly implicate you in his death let alone, your own brother carrying out that lethal acid attack on him.

However, being a black man, of course an African and particularly a Ghanaian, with black mentality and typical Ghanaian mindedness where foolishly putting up machismo character rather than swallowing one's pride to accept their defeat and guilt is a sign of how powerful one is, you have decided to resist all admonitions to you to step aside.

When you failed to jump but waited to be pushed over the precipice, you have then maliciously organised your equally naive supporters to cause confusion in the party.

Sir, be it known to you that you are not mightier than NPP. The majority of the party members with discerning Ghanaians inclusive have come to realise that you are an NDC mole planted in NPP to cause the party's defeat in election 2016.

Let you understand that you were hired by NPP to chair the party in the hope that you could steer the party through turbulent wind to success. However, by the majority of the NPP faithful becoming overwhelmingly suspicious about your allegiance to the party and Nana Akufo Addo, YOU ARE FIRED!

I pray that you will shed your sneaky ways; ceasing to behave irresponsibly but understanding that NPP have the power to expel you from your position once you've proved yourself a misfit and untrustworthy beyond reasonable doubt.

Even though you are a black man, you should not prove yourself that stupid through your completely absurd behaviour as is now. If it were a White man whose brother had committed such a heinous act under such incriminating circumstances, he would not wait to be asked to resign or pushed but would have resigned his position on own volition there and then.

Mister, please accept the fact that you are a goner. You are now history. You wished evil for NPP and you have been caught in your own web of evilness. What a reminiscent situation of "the evil that men do lives after them" that you find yourself in.

I know your paymasters, the NDC, will continue to push you to further drive a wedge into NPP with the aim of splitting the party asunder. Will you be that stupid to do so now that you have been caught with your pants down, awash in shame?

I am watching to see how you will react following the publication of this open letter to you. Will you reform your mind to live above reproach or you will continue to wallow in your tasked mischief?

Yours in NPP camaraderie,

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson