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Open letter To The Speaker Of Parliament

Thu, 31 Aug 2006 Source: Owusu-Ansah, Kofi

Dear Mr Speaker

In those countries that the citizens takes the events and activities in the country seriously,they don't sit on the fence and allow the few privileged elected representatives to take binding decisions on their welfare and well-being without any consultations at all.In Africa,we have assumed as if we are not part of God's creation. When the international community have made any international laws,then the species called Africans would jettison those laws and make their own "African Laws"

Mr Speaker,I would have written to my president but it looks as if the machinery in the Castle,would make sure,any correspondence to that august office does not see the light of day. Even though,when I used your email address to get to you too, the same was the case,but I am using this medium,to remind you that,you are head of only 230 Ghanaians,who are elected to represent the views of all the 20 million Ghanaians.

You see,going back to what I said about you and your likes,you are always content to make us blind so that it becomes easier for you and your friends in power to enjoy good lives as the rest of us continue to work long hours in "Aburokyire" so that our brothers,sisters,nephews,nieces,grandparents and if we still have any back and waist to father any children at all. It is the fundamental right of any person born in any country that practices democracy that they should have access to their elected representatives at anytime they need them. There should not be any obstacle placed in anybody's way to present their problems to their representative,parliamentarians as you call them in Ghana. Mr Speaker,if I were to ask you,how many private bills have you and your colleagues encouraged from those outside the parliamentary system?

I understand, when you are in sitting, it is from Tuesday to Thursday and the remaining days are set aside to meet the poeople who elected you,how often do these meetings take place? There are those who fail to attend any of your sittings,what do you do anything about that?

We live in a country where hypocrisy is the order of the day. Nobody has the interest of our country at heart but people think,Ghana is a gold mine and so far as you are strong,you can mine any quantity at all you like.

Mr Speaker,we need a parliament that would be user friendly, after all not long ago,all of you were the same people we drunk ogogoro, palmwine,doka etc. with. So why should there be a gulf between us and you now?

The other day Joyce Aryee was complaining that the 60% Christians are not doing enough in averting the decay going on in our country. I want to ask you,as law makers,are you not in a privelged position to make laws to fight all the vices she ascribed to Christians?

In today's Ghana,you the parliamentarians and the government, are selling Ghana out. You have embarked on a so called ECOWAS, and your so called Free Movement of Goods and Persons is letting into our coutry undesirable elements. What groundwork did Ghana do on that? If we are expecting fellow West Africans to stay and work in Ghana,under what immigration laws? Do they come as Ghanaians or what? What machinery did you as law makers put in place so that their activities would be monitored? Are the Lebanese,Chinese,Koreans and South Americans too from West Africa ?

Posterity,posterity would judge all those of you who are tearing down the very foudation of Ghana piece by piece. As for us,we are like the cursed Easau,we shall sojourney to the whiteman's land to do all the "nkurutu-dwuma" and when we return home to our country,our neo-colonial masters from Nigeria, Lebanon, China, Korea, Columbia, Venezuela... are waiting to lord it over us just because we have law makers who don't make any laws to protect us.

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Columnist: Owusu-Ansah, Kofi