Open letter to Dominic Nitiwul

Dominic Nitiwul Minority Leader Defense Minister, Dominic Nitiwul

Sat, 9 Dec 2017 Source: Assibid Dauda

Dear Dominic Nitiwul,

Greetings from Binduri.

Naa waa for you ooooooo, I understand you said Former President John Dramani Mahama currently resides on a state land owned by the Ghana Armed Forces, for which matter he should vacate the premises, right? I read it from the Web. The dog speaking the language of a wolf? Your frivolous allegation is not only a relic of dirty and stupid beer parlour propaganda mushrooming from the stables of a mentally deranged drunkard, but a horrible balderdash that is packaged for Akpeteshie shops rather than for public consumption.

Dominic, what's the motivation for this your needless shenanigans against Former President John Dramani Mahama? You mean you don't know his current Residence was developed by a private real Estate development company? And that the company has been in existence for several years? How did we get here? Did I also hear you say investigations are going on? Where has your sense gone to? How come you could not conclude investigation before you come out barking like a dog who just saw a ghost at dawn?

Dominic, I don't blame you. The problem is the political party you belong to- the NPP. The most amazing thing about NPP now is, it does not matter how bright you are, once you join the NPP your brain is as good as that of a corpse. People stop thinking and all they do is to listen to what the senile man (Nana Akufo-Addo) has to say. If not how can a person of your calibre be a Defense Minister. If not because of lack of competent men in the NPP how can someone like this drunkard be a Minister?

You think the Defense Minister portfolio is a position thrown at dogs and pigs?

Mr. Dominic, you are not a Defense Minister oooooo. Infact, you lack all it takes to be one. You are a Defense Mistake! A Defense Error! What is the status of Bimbila your constituency? When last did you visit your constituent? And what is the situation of Bimbila currently? Are your constituent able to sleep with their two eyes closed? Are you not in charge of the Security forces? That is the symbol of gross incompetence, that a so-called Defense Minister cannot ensure his constituent are secured and always safe from harm.

A minister who turns up at a military parade to inspect soldiers only for the soldiers to tell him he has baked beans on his shirt collar, is that one too a minister? Lol Lol Lol. Check your collar before you inspect my dressing; as simple as A,B,C,D.

You are a joke. No serious government will appoint a character like you as defence minister. Our last hope is the military and if we are going to allow the military to be made another NPP club house, then we are finished. Our democracy is under a serious threat.

Dominic, you can choose to be a poster boy for crass behaviour. You can even choose to be whorish for all I care but next time you want to make noise, make sure it is against gods with clay feet or you end up dancing naked in front of the intelligent public. JM is an institution, he is a prophet and he is an Anointed soul; touch not the anointed Mr. Trainee Minister.

How were you appointed? Did you offer bribe? That's possible because the appetite of the walking corpse short man devil President for bribes is insatiable. Infact you are not in the family and friends club because no Nitiwul hails from the Akim enclave. You might have been a headache-induced compromise choice but now you are embarrassing. A watch dog watching the Skims having their breakfast,

Launch and supper.

With all the security intelligence at your disposal you couldn't do proper due diligence checks before coming out to spew nonsense in our ears? Clueless Trainee Minister. As a matter of urgency the Military Hierarchy must quickly call their Defence Minister to order and school him on SECURITY ISSUES. He sounds clueless on security matters and does not fit to occupy such a sensitive position. He is so naive, sounds unintelligent and undeserving of the office he occupy; GAF deserves Better.

Mr. Nitiwul consider reviewing the notes of your predecessors. The Defense Ministry had competent leaders before, learn from that; you ignorant goat.

The only help I can offer a widow screaming from the concubine’s room is to peep through the window! That I have done. Let me pause here and go for a calabash of pito from Zanguom Daag.

Columnist: Assibid Dauda