Open letter to NPP Polling Station Executives

Sat, 13 Sep 2014 Source: Dabbousi, Fadi Samih


I am appalled at the unfortunate vituperations of Okatakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang, the mouth piece of Alan kyeremanten. He continues to harangue with undeserved propaganda that has never washed well with NPP delegates and polling station executives leaving a trail of rancid rancour in its wake.

I am petrified that such a person would even dare spew unfathomable lies in a clear mission to destabilise the conscience of NPP delegates and polling station executives. If Nana Akufo-Addo would pay GHs 2,000 to each of the over 800 responsible people who gathered to vote in the special delegates congress on August 31st, that would translate into more than one million and six hundred thousand Ghana Cedis (GHs 1,600,000). What a clown this Okatakyie is! But really, the discerning delegates and NPP polling station executives must chase this imp to the dumps.

Delegates voted against Alan because he is just as redundant and counter-productive as his loud mouths. They have identified the uselessness in this once-honourable man and those surrounding him. They have actually seen how Alan sold their great NPP to the NDC. Alan and co are frantically fuelling the retrogression of the NPP into perpetual opposition. It is no secret that they have connived with the NDC to keep us in the shadows for as long as Nana remains the flagbearer of our great Osono party, but guess what they are achieving? They are achieving more popularity for Nana than they ever envisaged.

Those who voted for Nana understand and know, all too well, that Alan and his mischievous miscreants like Okatakyie Opoku Agyemang are baseless, harmful, unproductive and thrive on hate as they dwell in an imaginary bubble. If, Alan comes to Power what position has he promised this putrid character and his goons? Is it not in the same breath they are anxiously campaigning for Kyeremanten? The very fact that Okatakyie descended into the gutters to mention that those who voted for Nana in the recent congress were promised positions in his government is a flagrant insult to the sensible delegates. People who voted for Nana are respectable personalities who know the good from bad and can differentiate between a rotten kid and a fresh elder. So, Okatakyie, get it in your thick head.

Delegates, this wicked person is deceiving you and insulting your faculties. After all, it is our elders, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters in the villages who brought into being those others who have fought in the cities to better the lives of the Ghanaian lot. How can he speak these words of foolishness when he is fingered in acts of fraud in England? He is nothing but a fraudster looking to coerce your votes which we all know you would not give him the pleasure of but I do encourage you to take him to the garbage dump and leave him there because that is exactly where he belongs – with filth.

Lately, the vitriol that has characterised the vile propaganda of Alan Kyeremanten and his unscrupulous shills is quite untoward and unghanaian. Besides, Okatakyie’s lot were the same who pulled strings to convince MPs to support Alan and were they to have budged, the goons would have been full of praises for them. Alas, because those honourable folks realised the pettiness in Alan and his stooges and opted for the heavy weight Nana Akufo-Addo, Okatayie and his partners in crime are now vilifying them. I am certain Alan, yet, has a couple of MPs on his side, are they not also swimming in the niceties of parliament that are being attacked by this buffoon? What kind of people are Alan and his cohorts, Okatayie being the first accused?

All polling station executives were given food and I am a living witness. Unless he was not around to see and unless the perceived Alan MPs were thrifty enough not to have handed out same; but Okatakyie was given water, food and money to share amongst these people, what happened? I am sure he pocketed the goodies just like he did to the money that was collected for him in London for a business in Ghana, which he, also, wasted on booze and women. Shame!

It is a sad moment for his family to notice that one of their own is a thief and a BRANDED LIAR! Not a sachet of water was given to polling station executives? How belligerent can he get?

Besides, Okatakyie says that Nana’s family and children were sipping tea in the comfort of their home; I hope he is not implying that they should have drank beer and guinness like his did. At least drinking tea is a sign of humility and much more healthy and economical than alcoholic beverages. Would anyone please ask what his family was doing? If his father and mother are still on earth to witness the shame of their son, would they spur him on? Is it not shameful that he comes up with such stupidity that only serves to dishearten those who have the thought to vote for Alan? He is a curse to Alan Kyeremanten and the latter is a curse upon himself for allowing such inane personalities around him. In fact, he has done their camp such great disservice that Alan will lose the delegates congress massively and miserably on October 18th, rendering his image irredeemable, inshallah.

Was the “Kume pr3ko” event, not that singular most effective demo against the sadism of JJ Rawlings at the time, the benefits of which Ghanaians continue to reap today? And of course, it was Nana Akufo-Addo who led that struggle for the emancipation of freedom, hitherto furled by the wickedness of a military regime. Ghanaians are enjoying the outcome today and certainly Okatakyie, too. Was this same person not one of those who peddled the mantra “all die be die” along with Alan? Was he not the same person who explained that “all die be die” carried connotations of peace and service to Ghana rather than the insinuations that have forever been read in the skewed meaning?

Forcing words down the throat of Nana Akufo-Addo would only choke Alan, so for Okatakyie to lie about unfounded allegations inures to our benefit. Nana never said that the delegates were illiterate and that caused our loss of the 2012 elections. On the contrary, everyone knows, the haters alike, that Nana will never employ the use of derogatory language in his speech, at all. Even against his enemies he is always mild and reserved, something which is as difficult as the challenge of an equilibrist. So I say that Okatakyie’s abusive submissions are just the reality of how he sees delegates whom he does not respect.

What Okatakyie fails to understand is that the delegates are not fools and will not be fooled. They are people of reason and respect, characteristics of wisdom that he is found lacking. In fact Alan is found lacking in these traits, too.

Delegates have discerned that Alan’s political future is as burnt as charcoal and will never make it past the 10% mark, ever, again. They have realised that Okatakyie and his mad house GAKE have totally destroyed Alan. Almost everyone says “it serves him right” for not being wise enough to notice the hooliganism in his lot.

Then this same Okatakyie apportions blame to Nana Akufo-Addo for unpaid polling station executives. What balderdash! Is it not the party that has to pay these selfless nationalistic hands? Nana actually paid every single constituency, even if it may have been a bit late, but Okatakyie must be asked where the money is. Where did he misapply the funds that were given him to pay the executives that he was to take care of? Given the shortcomings of the party, Nana had to assist with his own bit to pay executives. Then Alan’s camp peddles lies about the polling station folks not receiving adequate resources. I attended many of the meetings here in Accra, at least from my humble location, and witnessed the processes which were smooth sailing, so what happened in your jurisdiction with the polling station executives’ money? Did you steal it like is suspicious of you?

Alan has committed a grave and unpardonable crime. Yes he has committed an atrocious crime against NPP delegates. For allowing indecorous people to run his campaign, he has actually insulted the faculties of delegates, disrespected and devalued their importance. The relevance of delegates and polling station executives is sacrosanct and I entreat all NPP members, supporters and sympathisers to accord them the respect that they deserve in light of the massive denigration and insults levelled at them in all subtle ways possible by Alan, Okatakyie and co. At least that is the high esteem that Nana Akufo-Addo wants delegates to be regarded with, at all times.



#IAmForNana #SheiNanaSheiBawumia

By Fadi Samih Dabbousi

Alert Ghana C&MN

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fadi Samih