Open letter to Nii Lante

Tue, 17 Sep 2013 Source: Quarshie, Joshua Attoh

‘Time To Vacate Jake’s Residence,’ Attoh Quarshie Insists

I have been watching with keen interest the saga surrounding Jake’s house – the GaDangme propaganda, the political twist and the arrogance of foot soldiers – and I have been sad, very sad.

I am sad because, in civilized society, it is the law and the law alone that is our guide, so that weak men and finite mortals with hands and feet of clay do not take advantage of their fellowmen.

I am sad, too, because in our religious and traditional institutions, we are further guided by deep values and spiritual laws. In both of these instances, Nii Lante is committing a serious and dangerous mistake. One: in spitting upon the Supreme Court ruling, he may be serving the short-term interests of his political patrons; in the long run, however, he might find himself a scapegoat – another Ga scapegoat, just like Josiah Aryeh.

Nii Lante, no doubt, is a young and promising politician; but he has overshot himself. To begin with, in the constituency such as the one in which he is contesting, he does not need to split hairs to pick the MP slot. It used to be a UP seat that shocked Kwame Nkrumah and subsequent military adventurers – until recently. But times do change. As the Ga adage says: “Calamities do not come flying red flags.”

Strangely, GaDangme senior citizens and religious leaders and traditional rulers in the Ga State look on; the Muslim clerics and Zongo boys in Cow Lane look on and the GaDangme Caucus in the National Democratic Congress gloat with glee, not only over the infraction of a Supreme Court decision, but also a dangerous attempt to disinherit the son of a bonafide Ghanaian and Ga personality.

I defended Nii Lante when he was accused of not being an out-and-out Ga during the last parliamentary elections. Lamptey and Lante are one name from one clan; in mere spelling, one is indigenized and the other Anglicized. Jake therefore passes for Nii Lante’s uncle. In terms of spiritual and traditional values, Nii Lante may be burning his fingers in continually deciding not to leave his uncle’s residence, citing all kinds of excuses – with party patrons looking on. It is a totally different scenario, if Jake stole the property and he Nii Lante was playing the vigilante and patriot. For all you know, however, Jake could be the only Ga in that premises.

Additionally, there are facts about our national and political independence which Nii Lante may not be aware about. Obetsebi Lamptey, Jake’s father and member of the Big Six, drafted the petition that Sgt. Adjetey and his lieutenants were to submit to the Governor during the February 28 shooting incident. Also as a member of the Big Six, he was the only one of the Six within meters of the incident and reported back to the rest, who rallied together to push the petition to the Governor, after the incident. Before then, he had immediately confronted Superintendent Imray from the top of his car where, he was perching, just to have a bird’s eye view of the drama.

“Imray, you fired the shots. Who authorized you?” Obetsebi Lamptey exploded. “Captain Ballantyne,” the panicky Imray confessed, whereupon Obetsebi Lamptey picked his pocket diary and noted the confession.

At almost 90, I am finalizing my will and testament. All I can say now, before I depart, is urge Nii Lante, as part of that testament, not to listen to traitors who, in the name of GaDangme solidarity, tend to want to spinelessly score unnecessary political points on just any issue. He must show remorse and prove critics wrong. Tamakloes and Tsikatas in the NDC will not do what you have done to a fellow Ga and relative; and Owusus and Yeboahs in the same or other parties will not do that either…Ga boys in politics must learn serious lessons…

Remember what happened to Josiah Aryeh…in the end, you might be another embarrassing GaDangme scapegoat. I rest my case...

*Published unedited



Columnist: Quarshie, Joshua Attoh

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