Operation Keep Him Off the Surface of the Earth

Sat, 13 Jul 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

-Part 1

It will be recalled that in early 2002, President Kufour ordered the premature retirement of 2,000 non commissioned officers from the Ghana Armed Forces, followed by the immediate recruitment that was more tribal and partisan in procedure. So whether the Akans like it or not, they all originate from Northern Ghana, so they are Northerners first, before describing themselves as Akans, so they must stop deceiving themselves and listen very well to the wise counsel of the Asante Monarch, King Solomon of the Great Asante Kingdom in the person of Otumfuo Osei Tutu II and then LIVE and LETS LIVE for total peace to prevail in Ghana, our motherland.

Therefore, when Flt. Lt. Rawlings, a former Commander in chief of the Ghana Armed Forces advised against the procedure due to the possibility that it could dangerously bring DIS-UNITY in the military, President Kufour arrogantly replied Rawlings that THE ARMED FORCES OWE THEIR ALLEGIANCE TO THE STATE AND NOT ANY INDIVIDUAL and that the Ghana Armed Forces DID NOT BELONG TO RAWLINGS and described Rawlings’ advice as very subversive. Let me also use this opportunity to tell that hopeless, wicked, greedy and vicious Ex-President Kufour, the silent murderer that the Ghana Armed Forces owe their allegiance to a very United and Peaceful State and not an ethnic based, divisive rotten state packed with his cronies under his presidency from 2001 to 2008.

The Quality Grains Trial

Three former officials who worked under Rawlings NDC administration were jailed on a rather flimsy grounds-that was the wrongful application of the law, with due apologies to the Chief Justice (CJ) who once stated that the miss-application of justice resulted in the jailing of 500 commercial drivers in the year 2007 and they were all released during the 2008 general elections to go and vote for the NPP, according to the (CJ) on Joy Fm. The late Justice Kwame Afreh, on the orders of President Kufour tried very hard to LINK former President Rawlings to the Quality Grains Case. Justice Afreh mischievously made a comment which suggested that Mrs. Cotton the Chief Executive of the Quality Grains Company, succeeded in obtaining Ghana government guarantee due to some special relations that existed between HER and PRESIDENT RAWLINGS. In his own words, the late Justice Afreh said, SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKED HER. Justice Afreh also pointed out in the judgment that the three convicted NDC men had THEMSELVES TO BLAME BECAUSE, THEY OPTED FOR JAIL OVER FREEDOM BY NOT IMPLICATING RAWLINGS IN THEIR DEFENSE’ JUSTICE AFREH AGAIN POINTED OUT THAT IN THE JUDGMENT THAT THE THREE WERE GOING TO JAIL TO PROTECT THEIR FORMER BOSS-RAWLINGS. Yes, they all went to jail and finished serving their illegal jail terms, before being pardoned by that hopeless and wicked former President Kufour. On the other hand, Justice Afreh has also gone to the next world and is presently RUSTING IN HIS CURSED GRAVE.

The most corrupt NDC official will become a Bishop in the camp of the violent prone NPP, because they over looted the coffers of Ghana, what are some of the people talking about. Now let me ask one question to the Cadres-where are all the beginners of the 31st December Revolution, who are so quiet, while others have recoiled into their shells completely, come on, you must all rise up and defend the gains of June 4th and the 31st December Revolutions, or were you just supporting the revolutions without observing national events and the evil intentions of members of the dreaded Danquah Busia tradition which the NPP represent to day 2013? The above topic was the “DEATH SQUAD” set up by the President Kufour with billions of the tax payers money to KILL RAWLINGS AT ALL COST between 2001-2008, and these are all 100% facts and if they should deny it, the dreaded Antoa-Nyamaa based in the Ashanti Region -a river god must kill all of them within 2 months without mercy and if I am also telling lies the river god must kill me within 3 days, because I hate lies and I do not write false articles about innocent people. Ex-President Kufour and his cabinet ministers did it as well as the NPP leaders by using some National Security Operatives who failed to overthrow the PNDC and were recalled by Kufour from their hiding places in exile to come and kill Rawlings, but they failed.

Again, in another breach of the 1992 Constitution, the NPP government leaked Rawlings completed Assets Declaration forms which has been lodged with the Auditor General in accordance with the Constitution to the “Crusading Guide” newspaper which published it. Yet, Assets Declaration forms on which Rawlings Assets had been declared, lodged, signed, sealed and delivered with the Auditor General’s Department, which was required to keep it confidential UNLESS REQUIRED by Constitutional Provisions to release them. Let Ex-President Kufour and all his Cabinet Ministers as well as his former MMDCES and party leaders also publish their Assets Declaration Forms like they did to Rawlings, and when they do that, most GHANAIANS WOULD RUN INTO THE BUSH UPON SEEING THE BILLIONS OF GHANA CEDIS STOLEN BY THESE GANG OF LOOTING BRIGADES THAT POLITICIZED THE JUDICIARY, BOUGHT THE GHANAIAN MEDIA FOR 8 GOOD YEARS AND PLANNED TO KILL RAWLINGS AND REMAIN IN POWER FOREVER AND THEN SELL THE WHOLE GHANA TO WESTERN COUNTRIES OVER A DINNER TABLE. They would have legalized homosexuality, because of money and killed all Ghanaian women in exchange for dollars and pound sterling from the US and Britain –such faceless politicians who glorify savagery, just keep your fingers crossed, for I shall return with more Vim against the blood soaked NPP when they were in power for just 8 years, from 2001 to 2008.

For the information of the Asante/Akyem politicians of the violent prone NPP, the Progressive Forces in Ghana have been put in RED ALERT ever since the silent and vicious TERMINATOR in the person of J. A. Kufour took over power peacefully from Rawlings and tried several times to assassinate him because of extreme jealousy but failed and then tried to jail his patriotic wife Nana Konadu but failed. Because the NPP lost power in 2009. It was because Rawlings’ security work is very far ahead of the NPP. Let them try it and see what happens. For me, the Progressive Forces are still in RED ALERT order to stop these nasty state of affairs going on in Ghana. Those who have the ears to hear, let them hear and hear this message very well, is that clear? Is anybody listening ? I am done, but I will be back when the need arise I am done. “Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua.





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement