Opportunistic ‘kwatsirkwa’ political-delinquents

Wed, 29 Feb 2012 Source: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

Rebecca Garang, wife of the late Dr. John Garang, former leader of Sudanese People Liberation Army (SPLA), who is currently engaged in entrepreneurial activities, was asked in an interview whether she would like to be part of a future Southern Sudanese Government. And her answer was that; her focus was currently on her business concerns because “I don’t want to join” politics “when I’m poor, because, then I become a parasite” (BBC-Focus on Africa, 10/1/11).

However, under the current Mills-Mahama administration, you have these block-headed juvenile-delinquents whose constant refrain has been: we are joining politics in our ‘kwastsirkwa’ (impecunious) days so that we can have access to Free State largesse which will enable us to embark on wife-grabbing escapades. And examples of Okudato-Ablakwa,Otokuno,Fred Avornyo,Kobby Fiagbe,Omane Boamah,Stan Dogbe and that of old-guards as Nii Lantey Vanderpuije,Allotey Jacobs and so, readily come to mind.

Since the inception of the Mills-Mahama administration, there has been insurgent in what I describe as NDC political-juvenile-delinquents whose line of thinking have been completely clouded by vile propaganda being fed them,daily,through machinations of the party’s despicable lying machinery. I have always been worried about how these juveniles, who for the sake of free MASLOC cars, petrol, smart-fons, i-pads and fat allowances enabling them to go about hijacking people’s daughters and forcing them into marriage, are going about making senseless noises on our airwaves.

Erroneous ‘asomdwee hene’ tag

These juveniles, for the sake of cramps from the seat of government, are prepared to malign people whose integrity is not in doubt. They insult people whose social standing and personal achievements in all fields of human endeavour, cannot be found in their own family genealogy.

And this is why the tag of Atta-Mills as a decent and ‘asomdwee hene’ is extremely erroneous. A person who, at the slightest opportunity, will assemble religious leaders and plead with them to go out there and preach against insult in our public discourse, turns round to recruit juveniles, who have had absolutely no experience in life, to go on rampage and pour plain insults on political opponents.

Bigoted idiocy

Juveniles who cannot differentiate between their nostrils and very own ‘ass-holes’ and are therefore suppose to bid their time if they really desire to go into politics, are rather being showered with deputy ministerial positions while others enjoy free MASLOC vehicles with petrol just to enable them drive around the city of Accra, hoping from one radio station to another, to engage in thoughtless acts of denigrating people’s image and saturating the air-waves with their bigoted idiocy.

These once ‘kwastirkwa’ juveniles have been trained to avoid issues that concern the ordinary Ghanaian and rather focus their attention on rubbing salt into debilitating economic sours being inflicted on the good people of this nation by the current Mills-Mahama administration.

Anyone who critically analyzed answers the president provided to questions put to him by journalists, during his second media encounter at the castle, will notice that all his responses reflected,exactly,the line of arguments Kwesi Pratt and all these numerous parasites with analogous designations have always been advancing in their ‘kweku ananse’ analyses. Effectively, Atta-Mills has been cut-off from the daily woes of the ordinary Ghanaian. Fictitious rosy picture of welfare of the citizenry is perpetually being painted to him.

Lessons from the Arab spring

But you see, over 99.9% of the Egyptian security forces were recruited under Hosni Mubarak. This man was in power for close to 3-decades with the support of constant praise singers who were telling him all was well with the Egyptian people just as it is happening in Ghana today. Those gluttonous praise-singers around Mubarak were busily filling their stomachs, having wild-parties, getting themselves new wives, driving around the streets of Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, Suez, Sham-al-Sheikh and so on, in fuel-guzzling official vehicles and always shooting their big-mouths off-tangent.

And according to a report by the London School of Economics; in Cairo alone,1.5million Egyptians sleep on roof-top of buildings,1million sleep at cemetaries,10 million live in urban slams with 40%(32m)of their 80million population living below the poverty line. Such suffering has been inflicted on Egyptians, to the large extent, by 30-year Hosni Mubarak regime. And to make matters worse, records have it that Mubarak and his close families, over the years, accumulated a personal fortune of over $70billion!!!!

Naturally, there is this quality which is firmly imbedded in every human-being called “instinctive urge for survival”. This is always triggered when the individual is pushed beyond his/her threshold of tolerance. And when this tolerance level is pushed to its limit, people are then left with no other alternative but to embark on what Rawlings adeptly describes as “positive defiance”. And at this point, even military tanks become mere baby-dolls in the eyes of angry people.

This is exactly the kind of heat-wave currently sweeping aside voracious and callous leaders across the Arab world and I guess Atta-Mills does not really seem to be bothered because of his ‘dzi wo fie asem’ foreign policy direction. He has therefore chosen to unleash these lying juveniles to go out there and saturate the airwaves with propaganda foolishness.

Insensitivity to the plight of suffering Ghanaians

Personally, I have vowed never to engage in any radio discussion but rather put my thoughts into writing. And my reason is simple: if I happen to be engaged in a discussion with someone who has, undeservedly, been given a free car, petrol, house, wife and fat daily allowances and therefore sees no reason why the ordinary Ghanaian is justified to complain of economic hardships, I might lose my cool and probably start launching a barrage of Tomahawk-Cruise-Missiles in the studio.

And I believe I will be justified to do this because a person who, for the sake of largesse he/she is enjoying from the government, goes to sit on radio and taunt Ghanaians with such insipid dishonesty, out-right foolishness and total disregard for the sensibilities of angrily hungry Ghanaians, certainly deserves some ‘flashes-of-lightening’ across the face to wake him/her up from ‘edufudze’ slumber.

Otokunor’s false-hood

During a discussion on the interim census figures released on Thursday, 3rd February, 2011, on Happy Fm’s current affairs programme ‘Yeepe Ehu’, Otokuno who was representing the NDC, described himself as a geneticist.

But to the best of my knowledge, Otokunor studied agriculture and majored in either crop or animal science. So when he described himself as a geneticist, I sent in a text message to expose the false representation of his academic credentials. And instead of being humble and accepting the fact that he had lied, he rather opened his hippopotamus-like mouth, exposed his strange dental-formula and started calling me names.

He then went on to say that genetics is what determines the sexes of human-beings. He said genetics has to do with X (females) and Y (males) and this has a correlation with population density. That assertion was also false since the X and Y symbols are referred to as chromosomes under the broad subject of genetics. The X and Y chromosomes are present in genes of all living-things and not only human-beings as Otokunor would want us to believe. A chromosome determines, only, the gender of living things and has absolutely nothing to do with population density as he sought to portray on the said programme.

Throughout the said programme, Otokunor never made a single intelligent contribution. Indeed, bullet-points on topics for discussion given to him by the host were completely thrown out of the window and shooting off-tangent became the focus of the same senseless vituperations he had, earlier in the day, engaged in on a different media outfit. A person who has just finished university and has absolutely no experience in life has been indoctrinated by the NDC vile propaganda machine to be lying through his extra-ordinarily big mouth and uniquely ‘huhudious’ dental formula.

Well, I will urge these gluttons at the seat of government and their numerous opportunistic ‘kwastirkwa’ political-juveniles and ‘kweku ananse’ analysts, to continue taking current complains of unbearable economic suffering of the citizenry as a joke and the leniency of the ordinary Ghanaian as a weakness. But, when the day of reckoning finally comes on 7th January, 2013, we shall all be present before the throne of genuine accountability where there shall be uncontrollable wailing and gnashing of teeth, to defend our individual stewardship.

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei

E-mail: justnoff@yahoo.com

Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku