Otumfuo Education Fund: Where is my $50?

Wed, 13 Jul 2005 Source: Poku, Kojo

In 2001, I donated $50 to the Otumfuo Education Fund (OEF). This fund was supposedly set up by the Otumfuo to support the development of resources, human, physical, and material for the improvement of education in Asanteman & Ghana.

Since I am now unemployed and have a lot of time to burn, I set up on a mission to trace how my money was spent.

I checked the website http://www.otumfuofund.org/more.html for information and found out it has not been updated since 2003. No Luck!

So, I contacted the Otumfuo Education Fund, North America, Inc by email and this was the reply I got from them

Hi Kojo
Nice to hear from you. To date about $40,000.00 has been contributed to the fund in Ghana. However due to minimal interest in the fund we have dissolved the fund and transferred all assets to Manhyia so you can send your donation/request to:
Otumfuo education Fund
the secretariat
Manhyia palace

Finally, I sent 2 slow mails to the Otumfuo secretariat some 5 months ago and still not heard a word.

Why has the fund not put out in the public domain a list of donors and the amount donated (I don?t mean a summary, but details)?

Why has the fund not put out a detailed expenditure list, with the names of all he beneficiaries?

Why is there so little transparency?

So, where is my $50? I want a refund.

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Columnist: Poku, Kojo