Otumfuo Osei Tutu II is a visionary, great and a wise King.

Sat, 17 May 2014 Source: Beddy, Desmond John

Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the 16th Asantehene, (King of the Ashanti), who ascended the Golden Stool in April 1999 is a visionary, great and a wise King.

Basically, It is a legitimate role for traditional leaders to use their influence to mobilize their subjects and partner government institutions in uplifting their people. Far from that they must provide social, education, health, jobs and economic benefits to their people.

Otumfuo Education Fund:

One may therefore be tempted to ask if the overload of the Asante Kingdom has any achievement to his credit. The answer is yes, among them is the Otumfuo Education Fund, Since its inception the Otumfuo Education Fund has benefited over 5,000 students at various levels of education. It must be stated clearly that some of the schools that have benefited from the Funds are outside the Ashanti Region.

Political Neutrality:

Ghana by far can be described as a country undergoing democratic orientation. People make politics of everything, insulting leaders and authority under the pretext of democracy. The great King has despite all these challenges maintain his political neutrality. If your subjects are divided on political ideologies, party a,b & c, a great king must tolerate and welcome them all. It is therefore not advisable for chiefs, paramount chiefs and kings to be engaged in open day to day politics.


The biggest challenge facing the Asantehene is making people understand that a King must cooperate and support a ruling government, irrespective of the political party in power. I believe as democracy develops and grow the good people of Ghana and Asantis in general would have a better understanding of their great ruler.

Peace, Stability and Reconciliation:

Otumfuo Osei Tutu II does not talk „problems“ he finds permanent and lasting solutions, the overload has not only helped solved several land, chieftancy disputes in the Asante Kingdom, but has contributed immensely in finding lasting solution to political differences between some of the past and present presidents of Ghana. He is engaged in resolving the socio-political and chieftancy disputes among the Dagbon (Andani & Abudu) in the northern region of Ghana

The main causes of chieftaincy dispute in Ghana are the posing of charlatans, lack of transparency, accountability in the disbursement of stool lands and funds.

Health Fund:

Another laudable initiative of Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, is the Health Fund which he has established to pursue a basic health care plan which objectives include financial and material support for the reduction of maternal and infant mortality, glaucoma and other eye diseases, Buruli Ulcer (which has become the bane of many rural dwellers in the Country), as well as the eradication of Guinea Worm disease.

May the Lord grant him wisdom, long life and also torch the hearts of Ghanaian population in the diaspora, especially Germany to generously contribute towards the Otumfuo Educational Fund.

Remember „Education is Key to Success.“

**I am not a fun of customs nor outdated traditions, but I strongly believe to fight poverty and ignorance one has to invest into education. We have had Kings waging irresponsible wars. If by chance we have one promoting and encouraging quality education. Then he needs our support.**

God Bless Africa! God Bless Germany.

Desmond John Beddy


Columnist: Beddy, Desmond John