Our Democratic rights are being tampered upon

Mon, 22 Oct 2012 Source: Tuffour, Alex


OUR DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS MUST NOT BE TAMPERED UPON BY THE N.D.C TALIBANS it was shameful for a strong member of the N.D.C to come out boldly to tell Ghanaians that, all muslim's in Ghana should not vote for Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings if she becomes the flagbearer of the N.D.P.Is Ghana an islamic,authoritarian or an undemocratic country where the freedom and the right of people are not accepted.Countries like Great Britain,Australia,philipes and other countries have muslems in majority than what we have in Ghana.But women become or is in a position as head of the government or head of state.It's a disgrace and insult to our moslem members of parliament in Ghana,because the head of our parliament or the speaker of the parliament is a woman.Does it mean that these members of parliament will not enter the kingdom of God?Because is a sinful act to bow to the speaker of our parliament since she is a woman. Ghanaians should know how the N.D.C is heading our country to.We must know the roots of the N.D.C from the authoritarian.P.N.D.C to N.D.C.One must not forget what happened in pakistan recently when the talibans tried to kill a 14 year old girl for fighting for the rights of woman to go to school.It's shameful President Mahama did not come out boldly to condem what his own party member said Ghanaians should think twice and vote for the Talibans N.D.C out.We cannot allow the Talibans to gain roots in Ghana and tampered upon our democratic rights.please lets vote for Nana Akuffo Addo and the N.P.P to sustain our democracy. Alex Tuffour n.p.p hamburg germany

Columnist: Tuffour, Alex