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Our Election Petition – Similar CBS Episode

Wed, 1 May 2013 Source: Oben, Nana

: Good Wife – What’s in the Box By. Nana Oben (Sunday 28th April, 2013; 9:00 – 10:00 pm)

In mid-November 2012, I had to rush back to USA, and straight into a hospital for the first of 2 surgeries to repair a badly infected knee prostheses, so I missed Ghana’s December 7th General and Presidential elections. What I have not missed is the ongoing drama of a petition at Ghana’s Supreme Court challenging the declared results of the Presidential and some parliamentary polls.

I just now had the 2nd surgery for a new implant, and therefore am under narcotic medication which keeps me in bed, “commuting” in and out of sleep, different television stations, programs, and episodes. Most of the time, I don’t stay awake long enough to see the beginning and/or the end of an episode.

Today was no different. I woke up from my “CBS’60 minutes” program into a totally unfamiliar program, about to end. Before I could find the remote control to change the station, I heard a question “ Mr. -------, do you have any idea how the extra ballots came to be in the ballot box?”

I sat straight up, looking on the screen what appeared to be a Judge’s chamber, with probably 4 attorneys, and 2 witnesses (both sexes).

“No, your honor, --------“ I could not catch the rest of his answer. Then another person, probably the opposing counsel, asked “Isn’t it possible that a coworker or even a superior with legitimate access to the ballot box could have added valid and legitimate ballots to the box?” I beg CBS to ignore inaccuracies in my paraphrase of the dialogue.

“That is possible, but highly unlikely -----------“ The witness’ answer faded as I walked away. Remember I was woken up from sleep for a purpose, to go to the bathroom. When I came back to the TV, the questioning had ended; and the judge was about to deliver his ruling.

“In less than five hours, results of the election will have to be declared. We therefore have less than 5 hours to determine the validity for inclusion or otherwise of the over 30,000 (or maybe 3,000 - my faulty memory) ballots. What we all know is that our democracy depends on the SANCTITY OF OUR BALLOTS, AND WE THE PEOPLE MUST BE VIGIL TO PROTECT AND ENSURE THAT SANCTITY. IT IS MY RULING THEREFORE THAT THE EXTRA 30,000 (OR 3,000) VOTES BE REMOVED FROM THE TOTAL VOTES TO BE DECLARED.”

There were no more exchanges of words, yelling, demonstrations, or what have you? I thought pain or not, this needs to be heard by as many of my fellow Ghanaians as possible. I hope my usual channels of Ghanaweb, ModernGhana, Kweku Baako, etc. will broadcast it.

Nana Oben oben_nana@yahoo.com

Columnist: Oben, Nana