Our Party, the CPP is on the rise again

Thu, 3 May 2007 Source: Jeffrey, Peter

...thanks to the PATRIOTS!

The last group of the boys and girls to join the Young Pioneer Movement (the oldest among the group was 12 years old when Nkrumah was overthrown in 1966) have come of age.

They were trained to put the interests of the country before self. They were trained to love one another irrespective of tribe, religion and status. To join the Young Pioneer movement at the time in question, every child was made to pledge allegiance to Ghana first and foremost. They were taught to put Ghana before self and they were taught to be “Patriots” of their motherland. They were trained for leadership.

They believed in the Ghanaian dream…. That dream enabled Dr Edward Mahama to become the first in his family to become a physician, that dream enabled Kofi Annan to become the UN Secretary General, that dream enabled Mike Egan to excel in the world of media, that dream enabled Dr Agyeman Badu Akosa to become one of Ghana’s young medical consultants’ in the UK, that dream enabled Dr Amoateng and Dr Osafo to excel in their chosen fields, and many to excel in academia, sciences, sports, and many other disciplines. Many became the first in their family to go to school including Dr Paa Kwesi Ndoum. That burning ambition can be seen in Kwesi Pratt junior and Kweku Baako Junior. That Nkrumahist dream is here with us again. We can see that dream in the Patriots. Without the educational policies of the CPP our country would have ended up more divided than today.

When Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown in 1966, the boys and girls of the Young Pioneer Movement were branded as dangerous and delinquents who were being indoctrinated to “spy” on their parents and neighbours. The patriotism that the CPP government instilled in them was never defeated. They held on to their PATRIOTISM.

The boys and girls of the Young Pioneer Movement quietly got on with their studies after the overthrown of the CPP…they became successful professionals, exactly as Dr Nkrumah envisaged. They never gave up the hope of unity and patriotism that became the hallmark of the Young Pioneer Movement.

The world has moved on since the Nkrumah days and many events had taken place that has had an impact on sub-Saharan Africa, including our country. Communism has been dismantled. Russia and China are now pursuing “successful” market led growth.

Many communist countries, including Vietnam and Burma have changed beyond recognition. So too is our country, Ghana. The little gains that Ghana made in the 1960s have been eroded due to the impact of the structural policies…although the notion behind that program was laudable, its implementation and its so-called “success” is another story.

The Nkrumahist party, PNP, was proscribed after 1982 and were not allowed to use the name CPP until years later. Since 1992 the party became fragmented. The division that was forced on the group has been raging since then, until the boys and girls of the Young Pioneer movement who quietly slip into other professions outside politics decided to put their “Fathers House” in order again. They came out boldly, proclaiming to the world that they are back…. rightly so…to take their rightful place in their Father’s party, the CPP. They were trained for leadership and they are ready to take that leadership role. They are the PATRIOTS. Some of the boys and girls joined other parties, including the NPP and NDC. The son of our party, Dr Sekou Nkrumah decided not to be part of the rebuilding of “Our Father’s” party. He like other Nkrumahists, including Professor Atta Mills firmly tied their mast to the NDC. Yet those little boys and girls who were the last group to join the YOUNG PIONEER MOVEMENT years ago are now rebuilding the old man’s party and are inviting everyone, young, old, market women, students, professionals, academics, unemployed, everyone to come home. The CPP is for ALL. The project Nkrumah started some 50 years ago to train boys and girls of every tribe, right across our motherland is back on course, being led by the CPP PATRIOTS.

The Patriots, from the very outset proclaimed that the CPP is their home and Ghana is the only country that they have…they have NO OTHER HOME APART FROM GHANA. They want to put their father’s house in order. They want to help those who have been left behind, the majority poorest 70% to help themselves. To the Patriots, Ghana deserve better…the children of Ghana deserve better. The Patriots are not ashamed to BELONG TO THE CPP. The Patriots are not advocating forming another “MOVEMENT”. To the Patriots the CPP is a broad church where all opinions can be heard, yet they move in unison. The Patriots are giving voice to the voiceless, hope to the hopeless. To the Patriots, the large jobless graduates that roam about in our cities and towns jobless and helpless are a great worry to them…they want to use the talented Ghanaian professionals as the engine of Ghana’s growth, by creating jobs for all. They want to improve our road and railroad infrastructure from Tamale, Ho, and Suyani to Takoradi.

The Patriots wants to revive “Ghana Airways” yes Ghana Airways and the Black Star line. These two organisations were the jewel of the crown…they have been run down. BLACK STAR LINE ships were the first national sea line to be manned by all black crew. Black Star Line is NO MORE. Ghana Airways is NO MORE. Ghana Railways is dieing. All the others are GONE. Ghanaians are crying for the CPP.

The CPP are back into the mainstream of Ghanaian politics…those who were given money by our detractors to run down the CPP should be ashamed of themselves…they can go and form what ever MOVEMENT that they want…the CPP is on the rise again…The Patriots are putting our father’s house in order…we the true Nkrumahists have only one home and one country. Our FATHER’S HOME IS THE CPP. WE ARE COMING HOME TO JOIN THE PATRIOTS TO RETAKE OUR MOTHERLAND. KWAME NKRUMAH NEVER DIES…KWAME WAS NEVER DEFEATED! GOD BLESS THE PATRIOTS.

Please let all join together to help our FATHER’S party, the CPP to win 2008 elections by contributing financially to help rebuild our homeland. Ghana is our only home…we have no other home apart from Sikaman…. Ghana stretches from Wa in the Upper West to Axim in the Western Region…from Dormaa Ahenkro in the Brong Ahafo Region to Aflao in the Volta Region…. that is Ghana, our homeland. It’s the first verse in our national anthem…GOD BLESS OUR HOMELAND GHANA. That was the legacy bequeathed to us by Dr Kwame Nkrumah. Let us all help the CPP. I join the CPP because I believe in the ideas behind Dr Nkrumah’s philosophy. The CPP is not an old folks party… it’s the party of the masses. The Patriots have given us the hope to retake the CPP. My father’s house, the CPP is being rebuilt. I want to be part of the Patriots to rebuild our father’s party, the CPP. There is Victory for US.

Write or join them. cppuk@hotmail.com or cppna@hotmail.com

God Bless the CPP, God Bless Ghana and the Patriots. We are right behind the Patriots. We promise on our honour to be faithful and loyal to Ghana our MOTHERLAND. There is no place like HOME. That is the pledge of the Patriots of the CPP. Come home to the CPP and help rebuild our dear MOTHERLAND.

The lives of our compatriots who died in the Sahara Desert by fleeing the poverty in our MOTHERLAND must not be in vein. Those who were butchered in the Gambia for fleeing poverty must not be in vein. Those young boys and girls who sleep rough, the so-called Street children must be given hope. They are our fellow Ghanaians. The CPP Patriots wants to put these kids before self. The kids deserve better, Ghana deserve better. Arise the CPP PATRIOTS!

There is Victory for the CPP.

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Columnist: Jeffrey, Peter

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