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Our fallen police officers and heroism: In memory of their sacrifices towards Ghana's democracy

“Your work, the work of police officers across the country, is like no other.....From the moment you put on that uniform, you have answered a call that at any moment, even in the briefest interaction, may put your life in harm’s way.” Barack Obama- 44th president of the United states.

The constitution of Ghana clearly stipulates in clause (3) of article 200 that, "the police service shall be equipped and maintained to perform it's traditional role of maintaining law and order." To define the traditional role of the service, section (1) of Act 350/70 expressly defines it as follows; " It shall be the duty of the Police Service to prevent and detect crime, to apprehend offenders, and to maintain public order and the safety of persons and property."

These expression has therefore expatiated into the objectives of the Ghana police service as enumerated below;

(a) to protect life and property

(b) to prevention and detection of crime

(c) the apprehension and detection of crime

(d) the maintenance of peace and order and

(e) the due enforcement of all laws and regulations with with it is directly charged.

These functions of the Ghana police service obviously evokes the thought that our men and women in the service are extraordinary people who would have to exchange their lives for the citizenry and any other tenant of this country. "How can we protect lives and properties when we are also human?" a question that has remained unsolved.

All the three identified religions in Ghana believes that one deity [God] is the only protector of lives, meantime, an Act of parliament believes that the only people who can be in the stead of such deity is the supreme Ghana police service.

Comsequent to this, since the inception of the Police service in Ghana around the 18th century, a great and an unpleasant number of officers have perished in their official line of duty.

The unthinkable story is told of Superintendent Salifu Dargarti who should be recognized as the only hero the Ghanaian society has ever had. He ought to be a lesson to be thought In school from basic to the tertiary. He is an epitome of Nationalism and patriotism and deserves to be sung of nationally.

In the year January 1964, Salifu Dargarti who was the ADC to Ghana's first president received four bullets that were meant to kill Nkrumah- He died instantly through this unimaginable gallantry but unfortunately, no one celebrates him. On 30th June, 2016, corporal Humphrey Lumor was also shot dead by armed robbers while responding to a distress call in Goaso. In addition, Corporal Frank Komla Klu was also killed by armed robbers at Kwame Danso in the Brong-Ahafo Region on June 7, 2016. Corporal Emmanuel Nii Atseku, killed by armed men in Ho in September 2015; Constable Wonder Kovey, murdered at Aflao by an unknown person in July 2015 and Constable Francis Osei Amankwah, also assassinated in March 2016 at Aborhenso by armed robbers.

To add to the tall list of our fallen officers, Constable Charles Akatah, killed in 2015 at Weija by armed robbers; Constable Jacob Sefri Tabalin, murdered together with Constable George Nyiko by armed robbers while escorting a bullion van from Gbintri to Gambaga in the Northern Region in June 2014. L/Cpl Robert Kumi Ackah was mistakenly killed on 28th May ,2017 at Dawadawa on the kintampo- Buipe Highway while Constable Michael Kpornyi also lost his life to armed Robbers while on his way to his duty point in Michelle camp on 13th June ,2017. Constable Daniel owusu was also murdered in Lapaz in broad day light on 13th July, 2017.

There are still some more who are said to have died in line of duty but not adversarially and they include Sergeant Albert Adubah, Corporal Solomon Okyere, Constable Luke Dantour, Constable Ransford Boakye, Corporal Osei Tutu, Constable Edem Setogah and Constable Evans Amoako. The list of our cohorts who have been rendered temporarily or permanently impaired cannot be published here on this limited space.

We must never forget that the precious lives of these officers were truncated just to ensure that Ghana is safe. They left behind 'mouths' that ought to be fed; both extended and nuclear whilst the rest of the citizenry comfortably takes care of theirs.

This is the reason why we need to sing of our brave police officers now! This the simplest impetus to adequately equip and maintain the police service with a very proportionate incentive and materiel because the present members of the service are also living with the nightmares that deprived the lives of our fallen comrades. we experience cold chills of intense sorrows when the bugler bugles the dirge of the regimentalist as the mortal remains of these loved ones are being lowered into their graves.

It is therefore expected that in the litany of Ghana's Democracy, the contributions of these fallen HEROES would be upheld. Even in the prolonged account of Ghanaian jurisprudence, the sacrifices of these valiant men must forever be seasoned.

And now from the womb that bore thee oh! Great men!

From the country you dearly loved,

From the gallant 'swam' you jilted to eternity,

Ghana commemorates your Dues.

.... And we celebrate your honor,

And preserve them for posterity.

Long live Ghana police service!

Long live Ghana!

Columnist: Thomas Akanyibah

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