Outside Ghanaian?s are not ?Carpet Beggars?

Sun, 5 Mar 2006 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

President John Agyekum Kufour and his NPP parliamentarians members should stand firm and pass the bill of ?ROPAB? that will allow Ghanaians living outside the country to cast their vote during election time wherever they are. Ghanaians has given a mandate to Kufour to unify all Ghanaians including those who live outside Ghana. This is the time for Kufour to act as the President, but not like preacher and stood on his grounds and Lobby in parliament to get this bill passed.

Ghanaians who live outside the country are the power behind the economy. Their remittances have been increasing every year to support the improvements in the economy, and it is a significant achievement from our citizens who helped the country?s inputs should also have the rights to vote. This has increased the current accounts, exchange payments, and balance of the GDP for the nation. With all this input it is an insult for Ghanaians outside the country to be treated like carpet beggars. Common sense is common, but it is not common to those who think they can disenfranchise their fellow citizen?s rights to vote unless they come to Ghana. Those who have been taking the negative side on these issues are proven their hegemonic. The opposition should realize that without the votes of Ghanaians outside the country, Ghana is still not fully committed to democracy.

I worn those politicians who live in Accra and incite violent protests should realize that Ghana does not belong to them, we have ten religions in the country, they cannot speak for everyone. The opposition should rather use their common sense and speak for themselves.

I am surprised for NDC Presidential candidate John Evans Atta Mills personally, a law professor, and a man who can interpret the language of the constitution. Mills orchestrates demonstration against his fellow citizens rights to vote. Without reading the full context of the bill, which is still on the floor in parliament to debates, this is a shame for Mills whom many intellectuals consider him be a good leader for Ghana, but because of his socialization with Rawlings, this is the reason why he lost the previous elections. Thus, encouraging Mills to support this bill to be passed and also show respect and love to Ghanaians throughout the country and outside

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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi