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P/NDC Corruption Shames Their Own Revolution

Every news of corruption in NDC led Ghana is a painful stab in my heart...I get hurt hearing about this particular government's corruptive practices, and it's a lot. I am a poor victim of NDC Revolution that sought to stop corruption in Ghana. I once worked as Registrar of Public Tribunals and saw pain, lamentation, agony and sorrow inflicted on many families by these same people in power robbing every resource and monies of the country in such barefaced impunity.
Of course, I am Amponsa-Dadzie of Cape Coast and will forever protest against the exile and assassination of my Father by CPP and the Incarceration and persecution to death of my Brother. Both of them did not take a PENNY of Ghana's money I will never keep quiet over this matter, even if my Family want. It's my life and choose to do and say what I want and there is no single PNDC member I fear today. After the destruction of my Brother by these people in power now, I boldly entered P/NDC to know what they were doing in power. It was dangerous but I thought they were not intelligent and wondered why so many Ghanaians were afraid of such commoners from strange parts of the country congregated behind a semi-literate schizoid. I joined June 4th Movement and used it to befriend, and live with Hajj Mukhtarr Kabli Mustapha, a close confidant of J J Rawlings, in Castle Osu Annex from 1989 to 1991. I could have been a suicide bomber if I was so bold, due to my deep seated hatred for P/NDC people. As a Registrar of Tema Public Tribunal, I worked with Senyo Dzamefe, who is now Chairman of the Commission of Enquiry into World Cup Fiasco and Embezzlement. I know most of these NDC people, except the new ones who have also descended on us like vultures raping our resources in same fervour as their elders I know. The present NDC are children of thieving CPP Government apparactchikes, and so know how to steal like their sikadicious fathers of the First Republics... P/NDC ruled Ghana from 1982 to 2001 - 19 years. They had ruled and caused so much havoc and bloodshed under AFRC and ensured PNP won the 1979 elections, because they could overthrow them easier than a PFP Government. In the period they ruled Ghana, these people killed so many people. They imprisoned so many people. They took away so many properties of so many hardworking enterprising and successful Ghanaians. They exiled so many Ghanaians. The same people who are committing these heinous crimes were the same members of the Public Tribunals, Vetting and Investigations Committees, Confiscation Assets Committees, who inflicted so much evil against their fellow Ghanaians. Rawlings, Kojo Tsikatas, Ahwois, Atta Mills, Kwesi Botchway, Ato Dadzie, Justice Annan, Tsatsu Tsikatas, Totobi Quakyi, Tsikatas, and their lieutenants were in the forefront of these punitive crusade, which brutalised and massacred many a Ghanaian and brought untold hardship on their people. Most of the agent provocateurs, intelligence operatives and their litany of security personnel were from Volta Region and a significant numbers from Northern Ghana such as Amedeka, Sowu, Huppenbaur, Kwashiga, Yieleh Chiereh, Akata Pore, Huudu Yahya and Martin Amidu. They were supported by soldiers, Police and BNI Personnel who hailed from these regions. They were very WICKED EVIL PEOPLE, and most importantly JEALOUS and ENVIOUS of successful Ghanaians who had themselves come from humble families and worked hard to achieve so much. They hated successful men and used the Police and Military to persecute them in a way unseen in the annals of Ghana's history. They took away all their monies properties, glory and dismembered their established families. Many have died in sorrow followed by their sorrowful mothers and families. I saw all of them. My Brother was rich and had a house so many of these hardworking and successful people congregated and discussed in anguish the destruction of their country by Acheampong and his Military. They led the fight against corruption before dimwit Rawlings and his henchmen came to seek and destroy. They are all dead without contributing to the development of their country. Ghana lost a lot of intelligent people to the bogus revolution, and I know. In fact, NDC people behave as if Ghana belongs to them but historically, their ancestors contributed very little to Ghana's wealth and resources as they were always new to the country. Hogbetsotso happened only in 1850s and the Dagombas and kinsmen who became Chiefs in Northern Ghana came to meet original inhabitants in the place led by the Tendaanas, the owners of the land. TODAY WE ARE POOR BECAUSE OF THEIR LOSS. GHANA WOULD HAVE BEEN RICHER BY NOW!!! We thought things will get better under Rawlings 19 year rule, and there will be no more corruption in Ghana, as we believed in their mantra of probity and Accountability. But now look at our nakedness and shamefulness as a country...Look at the corruption of Ghana of the same people who led the anti-corruption crusade as enumerated below:- - PNDC Account 48 Account: I know a lot about this as a Tribunal Registrar. I gave Forms to many people to pay huge fines into this Account. In Tema Tribunal alone we paid over 100 Million cedis each Month into the Account. It ran into Billions at the National Public Tribunals. All the Accountants were Ewes/Anlos. Only Rawlings, Kojo Tsikata and Isaac Duose were signatories to this mega rich account. The same Account held fines, penalties from all the Regional Tribunals, Vetting, Investigation Committees, CAC Police and Burma Camps. They were all collecting monies from so many Ghanaians arrested and cowered into submission and forced to pay draconian fines. We have to unearth this since they were placed in Ghana Commercial Banks. - Divestiture Implementation Committee - they sold all the State Hotels built by Kwame Nkrumah. They sold all the 16 GIHOC Prime Industries, They sold ships, and properties belonging to the State - State Corporations like PWD, SCC, SHC, AESC, GBC, MMB, PBD, GMB had many properties at District, Regional and National Levels across the country: These included Bungalows, Lands, Machinery, Vehicles, Equipment and so many others...Rawlings and his PNDC brigade sold all of them. These are huge property portfolio and they have never been accounted for - State Mines - Ghana had a very rich Gold Deposits in Obuasi and Tarkwa. Rawlings administration systematically raped these mines with their collaborators and then sold the lot to AngloGold and foreign interest. Today Obuasi Gold Mine is finished. We have just 10%. Tarkwa, Bibiani and Dunkwa Mines are all gone...the last vestiges of it has been allocated to their Chinese friends to desecrate. Our Manganese and bauxite is gone - One of the resource these people took away under the cover of darkness is Ghana's Timber. We live in the Cape Coast Junction to Takoradi and during the curfew, when Rawlings and his bullies have sent us into our bedroom to sleep from 6 pm to 6am, you heard the sound and noise of Timber Trucks carrying Timber to Takoradi. It all belonged to the PNDC people. They took so much Timber away and shared all the proceeds. - Rawlings and NDC never accounted for all the proceeds of Cocoa they sold between 1982 and 2001, and then ensured documentation relating to this were destroyed. Instead of revamping the ailing Cocoa Industry, they killed it by dismembering its divisions and starving them of funds until they got defunct and sold all the properties to their cronies NDC people are not Nationalist nor patriotic but a collection of real life thieves and bullies who wanted quick money for their families and friends through the easiest way - Ghana Politics. They stole and stole and stole as Rawlings diverted attention of many Ghanaians with his long winding half broken speeches and stupid antics that filled our media and bamboozled many unsuspecting minds. PNDC sold everything Ghana ever had: Ships, Oil Drill Ships, Lands, Mines, Hotels, Buildings, Factories and never accounted for a penny. When Kuffuor administration sold GT to Vodaphone the NDC-CPP children took them to Court even though the Money was even paid to them. Ghana belongs to them and they alone can steal these resources.
All these things happened between 1982 and 2001. P/NDC then regrouped when they heard NPP has revived the economy, that the West have overturned our 'Highly Indebted Poor Country' status, and above all, Oil has been discovered. They worked hard lying, relying on vile propaganda and deceiving Ghanaians with tribalism, lies, innuendo, character assassination of NPP leaders and succeeded to return to power to milk the country the same way they know best, these strange people with strange names. Since then, they have committed these disgraceful acts of corruption as enumerated here below: - SADA: Huge monies meant for development of Northern Ghana to bridge the gap between the North and South has been shared among the big people in Northerner NDC Tayeisi group - people like Yieleh Chiereh, Bagbin, Iddrissu, Seidu Gibrine, Mahamas, Fuseini, Ayariga have taken away monies meant for their own poor people and poor communities to our befuddlement... National Service Secretariat - Kuagbenu was in the forefront of politics not knowing he has taken huge sums of monies and made to run away...Its historic that NSS could be so corrupt NHIS - every little contribution from poor people into the kitty of National Health has been taken away and used by NDC appointees to buy themselves cars and many others CHRAJ - it led the crusade against NPP...what has happened to it now that the Masters have retired with their booty...They brought a woman to spend so much monies in foreign exchange for her common accommodation GYEEDA - that was a huge blatant crime now swept under carpet despite the huge monies involved JUDGMET DEBTS: The NDC government has paid so much monies to themselves as Judgment debts when there were no proceedings let alone Judgments ordering these non-existent debts...It was a serious crime committed by these revolutionary agents Woyome epitomises the cancerous nature of the corruptive practices. Even when the country's Supreme Courts have passed Judgment that he had taken the 51 Million illegally, he is shielded to live his life and vote as NDC Delegate Bui Dam: Kufuor/NPP Government secured a loan to build a Hydro Electric Power. Instead of building a good Dam, NDC gave the Contract to Asiedu Nketia, their General Secretary to supply sand-filled cement blocks to build the whole Dam and pocketed Billions. The Bui dam Board is now headed by Jabesh Amissah Arthur, brother of the Vice President. They are now selling the energy produced by our new Dam to Benin and Togo for hard foreign currency. One Million Lap Tops: NDC under Atta Mills imported 1,000,000 laptops to Ghana. They could have given 200 each to each of the 230 Constituencies and 50 each to every school in Ghana and there will be enough left to distribute to the Ministries and state departments. Under Mahama, NDC shared all of them to themselves. They did not give even 1 to the main Opposition Party even though they have almost half of the population supporting. What a gigantic waste and fraud... One Million Motor Bikes: NDC imported from China 1,000,000 Motor bikes and shared all among its supporters. I cannot believe this level of wickedness. These could have been given to teachers and nurses and Ministries and schools and colleges and those in the forefront of State work to reduce petrol costs of huge government cars gallivanting around and wasting so much petrol. Just last week they burnt 40 Motor bikes over a little dispute because they did not buy them..This is fraudulent waste or resources needed to revive the socio-economics Merchant Bank - the brother of President Mahama has caused the breakdown of a whole Commercial Bank to buy a private plane and when questions were asked they used another state resource from SSNIT to buy the Bank Pension Funds - the NDC Government has shared the contributions of the country's workers amongst themselves and then explain in whimsical words they alone understand Oil Revenues - they have sold the Oil 25 years in advance...every oil taken now for the next 25 years has already been paid for by the Chinese and creditors They cannot use it as collateral security and therefore hidden behind GNPC to contract more loans - The worst of all the crimes was the release of GH 8 Billion Cedis by Amissah Arthur as Governor of Bank of Ghana to run NDC Campaign in September 2012 World Cup Fiasco - NDC people were given $85,500 each for mere attendance of the World Cup and then attacked our gallant Black Stars until their sodden crimes were exposed to the whole wide world with demand of ransom money by the exploited footballers. the revelations at Senyo's Commission embarrasses us all Foreign Loans...More Foreign Loans have been contracted by the thieving NDC than any Ghana Government in history I cannot just go on. I can die from it all from the realisation that such scumbags incarcerated my Brilliant Brother for attempted crime when they are real corrupt thieving bullies, who will one day answer for all their sins and crimes against Ghana. I am done.

Columnist: Amponsa-Dadzie, Kofi Freeman