Pae Mu Ka At 20; Missionaries accomplishing missions

Thu, 30 May 2019 Source: Stephen Nana Asare

The 90's music was made out of an executive production instrument. Music in Ghana was a serious deal thus one needed about a four member team for a song or an album to be written, produced and recorded.

Hence the tagline classic, the never fading rhythms still bangs so hard whenever an opportunity is granted to this classic tune. Destroying Speakers with the powerful basses , the content of the song will get you thinking of a future built with Gold.

20 years down memory lane , A legend lives on , and the new school is set to celebrate him.

"Obrafour" Ghana's most diverse and prolific rapper , in 1999 dropped an album titled "Pae Mu Ka" , The 10 track album by some renowned disc jockeys then called it the "Game Changer" , aside the challenges of not receiving air play on commercial radio. The album made its way to the top , creating a healthy competition for Reggie RockStone and other artistes with the interest in telling a musical story. At the time Reggie was the only one who had the backing of his dad to invest in Music, Daniel Masoul ( Executive Producer) now the manager of Edem , Hammer Of The Last 2 (Producer) and others embark on the journey of The Album "Pae Mu Ka" with no intentions of making money.

In a phone interview on the 3fmDrive with Giovani Caleb , Hammer revealed he was asked by Abraham Ohene Djan , the amount he will charge for the whole production, his response was and

I quote "All I need is for you to write the Last two at the end" it was our first time engaging in music production and Obrafuor himself had no professional experience, we were all new to it but we took the risk happily.

The album attracted lots of buyers, in 1998 Nii Abbey of ghanamusic.com wanted to buy the whole album but we failed to sell it.

we wanted to make a statement with this project and we are glad we did,he said

Not making a cedi from the Album , but the album brought lots of good tidings to each and everyone of us.

Today lots of talents look up to Obrafour , Among many others, godMC M.anifest and Rap King Sarkodie are both sons of the Rapper Priest Obrafour.

Crowning the Priest whilst living, Ghana is ready to celebrate the legend with various activities which will be climax with a concert.

Columnist: Stephen Nana Asare