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Parables of life situations

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Mon, 29 Mar 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

A man was perceived to have been promised and anointed by God to liberate and lead his people from the situation of slavery, poverty and denigration into the promised situation overflowing with joy, prosperity and abundance of good health.

Satan went to harden the heart of another man. This man littered the path of the God’s anointed one with obstructions of defamation, political propaganda inundated with lies, violence and polarized tribalism that culminated in the non-fulfilment of God’s promise to His anointed one as scheduled.

The Satan’s man devised a plan to cost the chance of the God’s man winning an election to reach the position where he could do as promised him by God. However, he never gave up the fight, although as dejected as he became. He continued to entrust his very being and aspirations unto God, holding himself faithfully onto the sloganized weapon of “The battle is the Lord’s”.

God touched the hearts of many people to rally in support of him. He was eventually re-energised. God opened avenues for him.

The possibility of rendering any future election-rigging attempts was revealed by God to him. This was to prove that He is faithful to keep to His promises to those who continue to have trust in Him, in spite of how difficult and impossible the situation becomes.

This first parable will be continued in future.

In the second story, two men were touched by the problem being faced by a woman who was being treated unfairly by others. They decided to help her. It would take the purchase of an electronic machine to disable the wicked people tormenting the woman for no justifiable reason but the sake of simply being malicious towards her. The mere fact of throwing the laser beam of the machine onto the wicked people was enough to disable their evil intentions.

The helpers decided to have the machine done but without sufficient fund of their own. The woman herself had no money to buy the machine. What a problem? “Kosi a nkosi, koda a nkoda”. This is an Akan proverb or expression of getting wedged between a hard surface and a rock, thus, finding yourself in a dilemma.

Eventually, a cheaper version of the machine but efficacious enough for the task of setting the woman free from her tormentors was found. This was not after two men also full of ill-intent had gone to lie to the woman that those pretending as her helpers had inflated the cost of the first machine with the aim of cheating her out of money.

When all went well with the woman and she found her liberty, she rewarded one of those men that had gone to lie to her about the first team of helpers who honestly were out to help her without any intention of cheating her as she was wrongly made to believe. She would not want to see those who sincerely wanted to help her. She had come to see them as dishonest and evil but they actually weren’t. People had painted them so for their own evil and selfish interests.

One of those men who lied to her without her knowledge and could not be acknowledged without even a word of thank you said to him, let alone, offering him any gift, is now peeved. He has resorted to diabolical acts to bring problems to bear upon the woman, if not to bring her down.

The wages of sabotaging an honest person for your selfish gains is disappointment, if not failure.

In the third parable, a man helped a poor and needy woman to find her feet in a career job of news broadcasting. Note, the woman was neither his girlfriend nor wife, but just a fellow human being. Little did the man know that the woman he was helping out of sympathy was so wicked! She went behind him backstabbing him to his wife’s mum and his friends. For what reason, only she and God know.

In the end, a great opportunity that could have come to the man has escaped him. The woman is now in the limelight, seen by the world as having contributed to make another man a great person in the world, although the path to greatness of the man was partly paved by the one who is currently side-lined.

Some women are greedy and wicked same as some men.

When Jesus told some parables to his disciples, they could not understand all of them. When it did happen, they asked for further explanations.

He who has ears, let him hear what the spirit is saying.

Having said this, let us learn to be honest with ourselves and to others. Don’t tell lies about others for you stand to reap the fruits of whatever you sow today.

That powerful traditional overlord cheating Kumawuman, seeing them as cowards, stands to reap sour fruits to his regret, God willing.

I started writing this article on Sunday, 28 March 2021, with the reason of it being remembered for a memorable occasion and date of a Palm Sunday, however, after the two sentences, I decided to defer it to do something else, hence coming out with it a day later.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo