Ghanaians need to break free from the NPP and NDC political chains

Sekou Nkrumah. Sekou Nkrumah

Thu, 17 Sep 2020 Source: Sekou Nkrumah

It appears that we are trapped. We are limited into making a choice between NPP and NDC! We have been convinced that it is only one of these parties that can win elections, so if for example NPP is in power and you are not happy with their performance in government your only option is to vote NDC!

We have been manipulated to think that beyond these two parties Ghana’s democracy cannot move forward.

I think it is time we break free from these oppressive chains that only benefit a few! Both parties have failed us, and in all these years of their rule, there has been no significant change in our well being nor an improvement in the quality of our lives!

Listen to them argue over who built more infrastructure; roads, schools, hospitals etc when in reality we as a country still struggle with basic infrastructure. Water, electricity or housing not even adequate in major cities let alone towns and villages! And basic health care out of the reach of many! And a growing army of unemployed youth!!!

It is time we look elsewhere! It is time we start thinking beyond the NPP and the NDC. It is time we start building a third force, and I don’t mean forming another party with a different name that will be similarly led by a few at the expense of the majority! It is time we reject parties built on structures that can only benefit a few.

Maybe it is time we think beyond political parties! Maybe It is time we question our constitution and demand reforms!

In the western world, the very system of multi-party democracy is really structured to empower the rich and privileged in society, and give them the constitutional authority to rule! We as Africans will have to start thinking for ourselves, and what political system can best help us develop our society, our economy!

For example, how can we as a nation think of fighting corruption when our very constitution will suggest that there are people among us who are above the law! I am referring here to the indemnity clause firmly planted in our constitution!

We cannot continue to pretend that the 1992 constitution was not drafted or tailored to suit the interest of a section of our society! A ruling elite created after the December 31 “revolution”. The hypocrisy in our society has for years clouded our judgement! And because of the selfish interest and greed of politicians on both sides of the divide they prefer to keep this very oppressive system going!

Our Chiefs and traditional leaders are equally guilty of selfish leadership. Is it also not long overdue to question the relevance of the chieftaincy institution in the larger context of our political system?

Well, it is time we realize that our challenges as a nation will not be addressed by NPP nor NDC, our struggle will continue to defeat us if we don’t liberate ourselves from this oppression.

It is time we think beyond NDC and NPP!

Columnist: Sekou Nkrumah