Sammy Gyamfi ‘runs away’ from why NDC was voted out in 2016

National Communications Officer Of The NDC Sammy Gyamfi 750x375 1?resize=750%2C375&ssl=1 Sammy Gyamfi, National Communication Officer, NDC

Fri, 18 Sep 2020 Source: Ekow Arthur-Aidoo

Sammy Gyamfi, the NDC National Communications Officer, is running away from debate with less than 80 days to the December 7 elections.

On Good Evening Ghana on Thursday Paul Adom-Otchere pressed him on various issues but the NDC microphone happy spokesperson declined answers.

Political parties, despite the Coronavirus pandemic are combing the length and breadth of the country propagating their intentions to Ghanaians.

The two main political parties, that is, the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) have been able to launch their manifestos to sell their intentions to Ghanaians through virtual rallies at the University of Cape Coast and University of Professional Studies, Accra respectively.

In a bid to highlight the policies of the NDC manifesto to the general public and for the people of Ghana to appreciate what the main opposition party has for Ghanaians if and when they are given the mandate to come back and correct their mistakes, the NDC National Communications Officer decided (or is it failed?), not to answer the question of why the NDC lost the 2016 general elections to the governing NPP.

Sammy Gyamfi was on Paul Adom-Otchere’s Good Evening Ghana speaking about the NDC’s promise of creating one million jobs from 2020 to 2024 when they win the December elections.

The host asked Gyamfi: “When I look at your record, do you sometimes ask why you were voted out?”

In response, Sammy Gyamfi said: “That is not the issue here; let’s talk about Edwumapa. Ghanaians know why we were voted out, I mean we can have a discussion on any day you choose. Today is a day for our manifesto so let’s restrict the discussion to that.”

This is clearly a legitimate question, a question that was on point, is current and relevant. But Sammy Gyamfi, a lawyer who addresses the media on a daily basis asking questions, dodged the issue without blinking. No respect for the electorate whatsoever when the heat was turned on him.

Before the 2016 elections, the opposition NPP emphasized Ghana's high unemployment levels and underperforming GDP growth rates to appeal to the electorate.

Mahama defended his record, hinging his campaign on plans to boost economic growth and continue modest gains in infrastructure development.

A change in government, Mahama explained, would reverse the progress made.

When the NDC lost the elections, however, their national leadership commissioned the Kwesi Botchway committee report which listed a litany of failures as elucidated by the party folk themselves.

Ghanaians need answers from Sammy Gyamfi.

He should not be allowed to prevaricate. Sammy, you cannot run away from this.

We do not need you in your own court setting your own agenda. We would have asked you to please answer the question, but now it is too late.

You cannot go and think of the answer and come back to rattle prattle later.

This is simply not the attitude to politics we want from our leaders. Below par.

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