The dangers of the politics of Kumerica

Kumerica Kokroko Kumerican movement is currently making waves in the Ashanti region

Fri, 25 Sep 2020 Source: Kojo Asa Fobi

He who might have lived through the Nigerian Biafran war can clearly identiy some similarities in the genesis of the Biafran civil war in the current Kumerican movement making waves in the Ashanti region. At this era of mental emancipation when everybody is made to be proud of who s/he is, and our black brothers and sisters in America after 400 years of subjugation are unyieldingly telling the world that "THEY ARE BLACK AND PROUD,and some taking African names like Kwaku Mfum, Kwame Toure, our brothers in Kumasi, under Kumerica are dropping their African names with their spiritual and ancestral significance for American names.

Breman is renamed Texas, Ash. Town is New Jersey, Kumasi ,is Kumerica.. Kumerica has created its own currency, passport, language, T-shirts, bill boards, and a requirement for = visa for travel to Kumasi.

To some, this might be a mere youthful fantasy, but the wind of Kumerica is spreading like a harmattan fire in Ashanti with dire perceived consequences if not checked and stopped The Nigerian Biafran war which claimed the lives of over one million Igbos in the Eastern Nigeria had a similar beginning. I was ten years old and our family had to flee Kaduna, northern Nigeria leaving everything behind to escape the pogrom to Abakaliki in the eastern Nigeria where my father came from.

When I hear Kumericans asking travelers at Ejisu to show their visa before being allowed to travel to Kumasi it reminds me of my own encounter in Owerri during our escape to Abakaliki. Even with our escape to the eastern Nigeria, Abakaliki could not shelter us. Before the fall of Abakaliki, dad came home one afternoon to tell mom to take the kids to safety while the men go to defend the city.

That was the last time we saw our dad and senior brother Indubisi. Thanks to the Catholic Diocese of Douala which helped to evacuate us and our Ghanaian mother from Cameroon to Ghana in 1969.

Many are of the view that Kumerica is not fun. The way it is organized, the logistics involved: the passports, the currency, the T-shirts, the billboards, the language, the propaganda behind it. these are not the work of amateurs.

This is a classic professionally planned work with an agenda to pursue.Who then are e the people behind Kumerica, providing the logistic and financial support.

Who is financing the printing of the T-shirts, currencies, passports, bill boards etc.?

In an interview with Adepa TV on September 4, 2020, Mr. Adakabreh Frimpong Mansoh General Manager of VIP Bus Transport stated that VIP is a pure Kumerican Company and that VIP JEOUN is a Kumerican institution. He reiterated that Kumasi is Kumerica and that VIP is supporting a strong Kumerica economy. Many Kumasi residents know that the VIP Transport is owned and operated by some highly placed Kumasi residents, and Adakabre Frimpong Manso the VIP General Manager is a notable elite in Kumasi. that being said, it can be concluded that

If VIP is owned by some highly placed Kumasi residents, and if VIP is a pureKumerican registered company, which is supporting a strong Kumerican economy as stated by Mr Adakabre Frimpong Manso the VIP General Manager, then it stands to reason that some highly placed Ashantis are the brain behind Kumerica movement in Ghana..

What message therefore is the VIP and the Kumerica outfit marketing to Ghanaians, when they ask for visa to come to Kumerica, and show us Kumerican passports and currency.

In such an apparent scary moment, when we are trying to find a motive for Kumerica merica, I and my family will desist from patronizing the VIP buses for the fear of using our money to support a cause which will not be helpful, and is detrimental to the growth of our republic

Columnist: Kojo Asa Fobi