Party Structures And Foot Soldiers

Sun, 13 Feb 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

I am one person who does not write anonymous letters or write under PEN NAMES since January 2009, the NDC party structures have NOT been working at all because the party has been turned into a GIANT BUSINESS COMPANY where most Constituency Executives IMPOSED THEMSELVES ON THE PEOPLE While DISQUALFYING HONEST CONTESTANTS WHO PAID THEIR FILING FEES WHEREAS THE OLD EXECUTIVES PAID NO PESEWA-they contravened the NDC Party Constitution. They were supported by the Regional NDC Officers who swore them into office. I therefore wrote a strongly worded petition to the National Executive Committee dated 3rd November, 2010 with copies to the Regional Executive Committee, my own MCE and Constituency Chairman in Obuasi BUT UP TO NOW, NOTHING HAPPENED and I don’t believe anything will happen in the near future because I am regarded as ANOTHER CONTROVERSIAL PERSON in the NDC since its formation in 1992,we believe that if INTERNAL PETITIONS ARE DISREGARDED IN THE NDC WE MUST GO PUBLIC –Past and Present Constituency Executives have clashed with me because of the articles I always write since I am a Natural Journalist Some. DCE’S and Ministers of State hated the articles I wrote and still write and I was 100% vindicated when one such Cabinet Minister bought four double cabin pick up vehicles and donated them to the NPP in 2001 when the NDC lost the 2000 general elections that year. Therefore if you send your grievances through the party structures and nothing is happening because the NDC is now a business Company-what do you expect the foot soldiers to do? The President has been deceived to PUT SQUARE PEGS in round HOLES in most Districts and Municipalities with some DCE’S openly bragging that they Bought Their Position with Money. Gone Are The Days when Monkeys work for Baboons to chop. Those of us who wish the NDC well and are very eager to see it hold on to political power for a long time are strongly appealing to the President to put His feet down and clear away all rotten and non-performing DCE’S and Ministers who FRUSTRATE his BETTER GHANA AGENDA through extreme ARROGANCE, PRIDE and dishonesty because a BITTER GHANA is being implemented at the grassroots by most DCE’S and MCE’S in collaboration with their Regional bosses nationwide and they are preparing a VERY FERTILE GROUND for the Red Eyed NPP members to re-capture power without sweat at all in 2012. To Honourable P.C Appiah Ofori of the NPP and Honourable Michael Teye Nyaunu of the NDC- I say more grease on your elbows carry on the anti-corruption crusade because if the YARDSTICK OF JUNE 4 is to be used in measuring the prominent politicians in both the NDC and the NPP today, most of them will fly through their windows and further escape to permanent Exile abroad. Let them Grab and Amass Wealth With Arrogance and Carless Abandon, the masses who are now wide awake and very discerning will surely REPLY THEM APPROPRIATELY IN DECEMBER, 2012 because what is coming , is coming and what will Happen will Happen. Frankly speaking, our President is being misinformed daily even by his close associates whom he put so much Trust and Faith in, have always abused the confidence by doing certain Negative and Corrupt things in His name at a time he does NOT even know anything about it. How sad. This Explains the Reason why the President has been organizing PRAYERS at the Castle every now and then and I am afraid, if God does not intervene, the NDC is heading for a BIG DEFEAT in 2012 because most leaders in the Party are now doing brisk business and leaving the Party behind and no one cares. To our God fearing President I say continue to let the Axe strike further and any appointee who will rush to the Castle because of these recent dismissals must be sacked before he returns to his Region or District because we are fed up with them. We want people who will serve the National Interest by prolonging the Life of the NDC and not self-seekers whose greed and arrogance are rather killing the Party Nationwide.






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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement