Party cards and food aid

Food Lockdown File photo

Sun, 19 Apr 2020 Source: Kwame Osei Tutu

Party cards and food aid.

There is much talk about some people demanding political party cards from the poor and vulnerable before they are given food aid.

I must say the first time I heard this was when Hon. Dr Zenator Rawlings made the allegation in a video that has since gone viral and turn a National conversation.

I don’t have nor no one has provided evidence that party cards are indeed demanded before food is given to people who need and deserves it.

I however don’t doubt that such a thing could happen ; knowing how the Ghanaian politician is always ready and prepared to do any/everything under the sun to win political power.

It’s also known that the opposition could come up with such a vile campaign, propaganda to derail the efforts of government by painting government black for political capital.

This is Ghana, people are ready to even die to achieve political purposes.

How could any human being, whose evolution was completed demand party card before helping the poor?

Or how and why will another come up with such a wicked lie i.e if no such a thing has happened or no evidence to prove it?

Rushing to make conclusive statements on any political matter in Ghana is suicidal; reason is a higher percentage of people in politics in this country are wicked, heartless, and seek only that will benefit them.

In the light of this and to protect the poor and vulnerable, and to stop any such thing if it’s true, or to humiliate those behind the allegation if it’s false, the Nation must not take this matter lightly.

To save the image of Ghana, there must be an immediate investigations into this matter.

Anyone behind, those demanding the cards or those making the allegations must be brought to book.

This I believe shall save all of us in this crucial times.

Columnist: Kwame Osei Tutu