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'Pastor' Moesha Boduong, preach on! : But is it really the economy?

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Fri, 13 Apr 2018 Source: Thomas Brown

She was flatly wrong with some of the things that she said because some women are even employing men in Ghana, and some of them take care of guys as sugar mummies. But generally, how is the economic, social and political environment of Ghana and Africa supportive of the average citizen?

Generally, are some people better placed to succeed than others?Moesha Boduong is not the type of woman conservatives or feminist would want to associate themselves with because she is a this, that and a whole lot of things. Frankly, most of us do not like what she does and how she openly talks about and "show" her "sins".

Most of us do not want our daughters, female relatives or "celebrities" to be like her but the truth be told, most of them are like her already, even worse. To add brimstones to her burning furnace of criticisms, she has granted Christiane Amanpour a controversial interview in which she reiterates the fact that the nature of the Ghanaian (and African economy, to add) cause most ladies to "sin" as you need someone to take care of you - she has said this on the Delay Show already.

If I were in her big butts and heels, I will just pray that GOD transforms me into Donald Trump, Pastor Kumchacha or Afia Schwarzenegger in order to withstand the pressure because some of the comments are too naked. One lady on twitter said that it is her choice to be "ashawo" and another bluntly said that she is a low-life b*tch who parades her nakedness to make a living. Others are demanding an apology.

I am not in anyway trying to defend her questionable self, I am trying to make sense of what she said. You probably hate her and I may not like her, but are we asking ourselves some really deep questions? She has been talking about this constantly. What is she trying to communicate?

A French Poet called Victor Hugo once said that "to put everything in balance is good, to put everything in harmony is better". Have we tried linking what she says to reality? Can we gather anything, just anything, from what she says? Is she telling the truth, just a little of it? She talks about the economy, better still, how the system is structured.

Is that the cause of ladies 'sinning' or we can look beyond that? Is the economy harsh by itself or it is crippling because of the people administering it? Or maybe, just maybe, it is us? In a capitalist dispensation, as we are in now, everything is a commodity.

And I like stating that in a capitalist world, you either make use of your brain, strength or something related to your body to survive. Can she use anything apart from her body to survive? And if she can, will the people who are in charge of the system allow it? Should we always hustle to survive? Were some of us born to hustle or there is a reason? Who should we attack; Moesha, the economy, leadership or ourselves?

The realities of the economic environment in Africa has reduced people into thinks comparable to the unimaginable. Literally, some have been reduced to living like animals and some do things that they hate.

A report from Al Jazeera (03-04-18) revealed that "Poverty drives some Kenyans to rent out their wives". Have you ever tasted the water that most people in rural areas drink, without filtration or boiling? I do not know what is in a woman's butts, vagina or breast that some men cannot give some women equal opportunity without having their 'piece'.

Is the penis of some employers toffee that some ladies would have to lick and suck before they are given jobs to do? Why are some people getting better opportunities? No matter your grades, some people will bypass you into good schools and so-called better courses.

How is inequality being addressed in Ghana? Again, why do some people have better opportunities than others? Why is inequity or partiality everywhere? And as a result, why do people live below their dignity point?

Maybe it is the economy/the system. The economy is so harsh that people would have to do all sort of things in order to survive. But wait, does the realities in the economy appear by itself?

No. It is the leadership or those who are in charge of the economy or system that cause things to be good or bad. Generally, the kind of leaders we have in Africa serve themselves before their political party or elite group, then their family and then the people. The people come last!

They will build houses in Dubai before they construct gutters for fans in villages. As Christiane Amanpour put it, "Holy Cow!" And are the leaders magical beings who appear at state institutions?

Since Africa became "camouflagely" independent from colonialism, most of its countries are trying the democratic enterprise. So we have a say regarding who occupies which position. But which people do we select and how do we determine their suitability for office?

CDD Ghana (24-05-16) found that about 84% of Ghanaians vote based on the goodies they receive from politicians. Some even vote because one candidate is nicer than the other. See, you think the presidency is Miss Universe? Still others vote because she is my ethnic person or he belongs to my party. So regardless the candidate's flaws, what is written is written.

We do not look out for the candidates motivation and why they are desperate to occupy the positions they vie for. We vote like we feel and at the end of the day, we either blame Moesha for her seemingly thoughtless comments, the harshness of the economy or leadership.

The root of the problem is US. In many democratic African states, we put leaders at sensitive positions, the leaders mess up the economic, social and political environment, and the mess reduces us to undignified beings.

We are the cause. Prof. Kwabena Frimpong, Martin Amidu or Papa Kwesi Ndoum will never become the president of Ghana. But do any of the candidates think developmentally than this people? THE FINALITY OF THE ISSUE IS THAT, AS AFRICANS, WE DON'T WANT DEVELOPMENT, WE WANT TO HUSTLE HARD. Hustlers we are and hustlers we will forever be unless we change how we choose our leaders!

Yes, Moesha is wrong. It is not the economy because WE are the source of the problems in the economy. So we should blame and insult ourselves for selecting leaders who are messing things up for economic, social and political conditions to be unbearable.

We make the society what it is. The next time we have an opportunity to choose leaders, let's think about development first. Moesha too ... your company is full of customers, stop advertising! Or you want to open branches?

But let's always remember that our choices will determine our destiny. Ghana is still crawling after 61 years of independence and 58 years of autonomy. We need no medicine. We need US to make things right.

"Good is not a little bad. It is what it is."

Columnist: Thomas Brown
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