Pathological liars, thieves, and miscreants: NDC killed Ghana

Mon, 26 Jun 2017 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

I can’t say that these are envious times for people working to correct the massive wrong done Ghana by a group of greedy bastards and evil dwarves under an umbrella that provides cover only for the tomfools, educated illiterates, and ignoramus who make up the upper echelons and support base of the most disgraceful vulture party that ever reared its ugly head in our country.

I, equally, can’t say that all is well so long as those nation wreckers of the NDC, briefly described above for the want of more elucidatory language, are not prosecuted and thrown into the dungeons to rot for the grave wrong that they visited on this nation of “fa ma nyame” unholy folks who are as lame as the horse that John Mahama described us to be.

Maybe, we deserved this maltreatment for the nonchalance that we treated our wellbeing with, solely harbouring the greed to make money at the expense of the country that eagerly and lovingly embraced us to her bosom.

Dr. Opuni, albeit a Dr in the skill of thievery, immediate past CEO of cocobod under the NDC, is still on the loose given the uncountable evidence of corruption, theft, embezzlement of public funds, dissipation of the cocoa stabilisation fund, wanton distribution of fertiliser to friends, NDC compatriots, and others, smuggling of same to neighboring Ivory Coast, superintending over inflated road contracts, and so on.

The fraudster, Ibrahim Mahama, is still on the loose having committed a series of grave fiscal crimes, one of which was the issuance of over 44 dud cheques, while a businessman has gone to prison for issuing just one. What is good for the goose is equally good for the gander!!!

I lament the position of Lands Commissioner that has been maintained by an NDC person, who was and still is the stooge of Ibrahim Mahama. He was behind the leasing out and sale of government properties to lazy NDC urchins, backdating of processes initiated pre-2016 elections. No wonder what is happening in the Volta Region is taking place under his direct supervision.

I also lament the impatience of a section of sensible people with the government. During the campaign prior to the elections, His Excellency Akufo-Addo stated that if given the mandate, it would take him 18 months to set the country on the right trajectory for onward propulsion. As it is now, his government has barely done 6 months, yet the progress chocked has brightened the light at the end of the tunnel, bringing it closer to actual tangibility. It has not been rosy, though. Not at all!

The President cannot please everyone, but he can everybody. Let me explain! Amongst our NPP frats, there are those that feel abandoned. That is so wrong! No one has been abandoned except that the process of reconciliation is slow and the wait is quite itchy! But Mr President can please everybody! Well, if you ask me, it will be done when he sets the country on the path to recovery as he has almost achieved thus far. Thence, prosperity would expressly spread through every nook and cranny in a way that would certainly improve living standards via numerous avenues and social interventions.

So I say to Mr President, “Woadarowma Toaso”, but please expedite the prosecution of the NDC thieves, and retrieve our money, Sir.

To the great “osonodites”, I say, please have patience with the government. The officials are grappling with the biggest problems that have ever bedeviled this country since the disgraceful ousting of the British Colonial slaves. Let us be more circumspect with our criticism, after all, Mr President is very aware of events in this country. I trust His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo to deliver. His team is helping him to do just that!

We all are members of his government, whether appointed or not because it is an NPP administration.

So exercise your mandate as agents of change and let us move this country forward rather than criticising one another like the NDC nihilists who suffered humiliation due to similar attitudes.

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi