Coronavirus: What if China is the actual Victim?

Guandong China File photo

Tue, 14 Apr 2020 Source: Kwame Essuman Aidoo

As the world grapples with a vaccine to deal with the deadly coronavirus, there appears to be a never-ending debate over how the virus emerged. Mainstream and social media are awash with theories and appetizing conspiracies about how the virus was created in a laboratory by some super-powers to achieve certain deadly aims.

Some have even argued it was planned to be a weapon of mass destruction. In all these, the China province of Wuhan jumps up as the main quarters or origin of the virus – at least the world is made to believe so. But what if Wuhan is also a victim of this whole grand plan, what if the whole scenario was craftily woven to make it appear as though China has a plan against the rest of the word? It is obvious that China with its ambiguous growth and magnitude has enemies.

Now here are some facts that any critical observer of global affairs cannot gloss over.

On February 27, 2020, Chinese epidemiologist and pulmonologist Dr Nanshan Zhong pointed out that the first case of COVID-19 infection in the world was not necessarily in Wuhan. Virus DNA profiling showed that there were only 3 later haplogroups in China while all the 5 haplogroups including the earliest one were found in the US.

Late February 2020 Contrary to its early decision, the US government decided to give up detection, confirmation and treatment of COVID-19.

On, March 2020 CDC of the US admitted that there were COVID-19 related deaths amongst earlier flu casualties.

March 2020 All information related to the shutdown of Biodefence lab in Fort Detrick was systematically deleted on the internet. Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affair of China, Mr.Lijian Zhao, claimed that the COVID-19 was originated in the US, urging the US government to be transparent on the subject.


August 2019 US government suddenly shut down America’s largest Biodefence lab in Fort Detrick. Later that month, strange vape pneumonia came up and America suffered a nationwide and flu outbreak, resulted in a death toll of more than 10 thousand.

On 18th October 2019 The 2019 Global Pandemic Simulation Practice was held in New York City. Deputy Director of CIA attended the event.

Between 18th and 27th October 2019 International Military Sports Council (IMSC/CISM) Military World Game was held in Wuhan November 2019 According to multiple papers published in scientific journal, the COVID-19 started to spread in Wuhan as early as November. Chinese Academy of Science further claimed that the earliest virus infection dated back in late October.

1st December 2019 First confirmed infection in Wuhan.

23rd January 2020 Wuhan city locked down.

23rd January 2020 WHO announced that the outbreak in Wuhan is not listed as PHEIC. Later that day, The United States expressed its disagreement towards WHO’s decision with its media propaganda.

30th January 2020 an emergency meeting was held by WHO, during the meeting, the COVID-19 outbreak as PHEIC, however, travel ban was not encouraged by the WHO.

30th January 2020 The United States firmly banned all travellers who had contact with Chinese citizen despite WHO’s suggestion.

20th February 2020 Severe outbreaks of COVID-19 were reported in South Korea, Italy and Iran. While global outbreak was imminence, on the contrary, China had already in full lockdown mode for almost 2 months and showing better situation than the rest part of the world.

On 23rd February 2020 TV Asahi of Japan was the first to report possible COVID-19 related deaths amongst the number of flu deaths in the US.

It is important that we look for the origin of this devastation but it is even more important that we are openminded to all possibilities.

Columnist: Kwame Essuman Aidoo