Opinions Wed, 19 Dec 2012

Peace Before Ghana

For quite a couple of weeks, most Ghanaians' emotion was propounded for various reasons on account of the recent 2012 election conducted and the results released by the EC. Ghanaians at this crucial moment need an explicit reflection as whether there is the need to jeopardize their own wellbeing and integrity, which for quite long, gives credit to Ghana; or to uphold the peace and honesty for the sake of the future generation and the resources which we all live and hope for.

We must however remind ourselves that peace is the only solution to the productivity, integrity, equity and human development in all initiatives anyone of us intend to undertake in this nation. Success in its natural sense could never be achieved in chaos and an excessive fear and anxiety. Let everyone of us preach peace, tolerance and unity in our home, community, churches and schools.

We should all understand that Ghana as it is today was not built within a day, week, month or a year. It took our fore leaders a number of years to obtain the better nation we have today. Its devastation can just take a few minutes and that is the dreadful Ghana for you and me, if you cannot maintain just the peace which we have enjoyed for years in our home, community, schools, churches and Ghana as a whole. The leaders in power are mainly supported by we, the civilians' voice and actions. It is about time we should start meditating on the significant role the politicians will play in our life if there is hostilities and bedlam in Ghana.

In any case, every sound minded Ghanaian should begin to understand, that politics has its own psychology and philosophy; so one must, at any time, be cautious as how he depicts the supporting party in his community. Politicians are the best united people who, however, contest one another on various antagonist points of views; in view of numerous reasons known to them only.

Anyone of us in our community should desist from the politics of fighting and creating excessive tensions among ourselves; for we are exclusively above suspicion with our despondent living condition which none of the politicians are ready to recognize and transform. We must appreciate the consequences when fighting and intimidating against one another just because of politics. Neither Togo nor Cote d'Ivoire is peaceful enough to accommodate anyone of us, if we cannot be skillful and delicate in playing politics which is sometimes described as a game to win citizens affections.

By Koffi Amlado


Columnist: Amlado, Koffi