People of Denkyira-Obuasi should be resettled/relocated

Denkyira Cries Residents of Denkyira-Obuasi held a dummy funeral for late Major Mahama

Mon, 12 Jun 2017 Source: Eric Kevin Elikem Kotoko

'Police are addressing the concerns of Soldiers' - CDS Akwa Source: peacefmonline.com

When I first set eyes on this headline my initial question was to ask, on what account did the CDS assert that the concerns of soldiers were being answered?

Then on reading the article I came across this direct quote made by the CDS, "I believe the Police are addressing the concerns of our soldiers thus ensuring speedy investigation and prosecution of those involved in this dastardly act because justice delayed is justice denied so that anyone involved will face the full rigours of the law" unquote.

Hmmmm I sighed because this is exactly where my problem is and with all due respect to the CDS.

Another question on my mind, is it that they just want to feed us (the public) with some made believe comfort story or that they are also in search of the real truth as it happened.

In the police' crack CID's report, some credit is being given to the story of the officer going on jogging and being mistaken as an armed robber in the process. I am so very curious to know the analogy upon which this fact was established.

The police has not made mention of the people in the community making various claims which are being published in the media to the extent that the killing was masterminded. At least we should be told whether they have been called and questioned and why their testimony is true or otherwise untenable. Then for their public deceit to dilute the veracity of the investigation they can be dealt with accordingly.

How does this approach and the preliminary information by the Crack Police CID address the concerns of soldiers.

In fact we civilians also are concerned. Because of this horrendous act, we stand a great risk of any soldier's "panic judgement" of his safety and threat to his life.

A "trip to" social media and you would see the anger that the military still continue to pour out there. Conduct a careful study of their posts Sir, and you will really know and understand their concerns.

Maybe we are afraid to face it and we think the socio-political cost would be unbearable but the plain truth is there for us to face and we must know it's the people of Denkyira-Obuasi themselves who caused this...

"That town Denkyira-Obuasi ceased to exist immediately they laid hands on Major Maxwell Adam Mahama. They must leave that town and go settle elsewhere."

Nobody can convince us that, the over 30 and more people who either directly partook in the killing or stood, hailed encouraged and urged the others on to do their worse cannot be arrested and tried, and so the individual arrest of some of these people will not suffice the culpability of the community. It was a community -led 'exercise' and the individual arrests only deals with some individuals seen per footages available but the community as a whole must face their bid.

The difficulty in this is that there is no law to try the community, and in fact who will you be trying? So it’s now a political and executive decision which must be weighed. Let every single living being vacate Denkyira-Obuasi.

It will displace a people yes but it better serve as the best deterrent to any other person on this soil called Ghana.

If you underestimate my submission take note that, although the military hierarchy has already ordered a no reprisal attack. The individual "invisible forces" not at the behest of the NPP but disheartened fellows who have vowed and hatched individual revenge schemes for their various affiliation to Major Maxwell Adam Mahama would not be bound by the orders by the Army commander.

For as long as that village exists and life goes on, they are sitting on a time bomb. Some of us the civilians even believe that this no reprisal attack order by the Army commander is just a PR talk for the cameras but that clandestinely you the military guys have your own plan.

Whether our thoughts are true or false, since that town is a good market for armed robbers for which reason the Major was supposedly mistaken in identity, who knows, the armed robbers can easily attack again and do the favour for those seeking revenge.

Mr CDS and IGP the situation before you with the murder of Capt. Mahama is a tough one and very tough decisions must be made.

Arrest and jail 30 people and still the thirst for justice will rage on.

Verify the truth or otherwise, the claims made by this Kweku Duku when he said the killing was masterminded.

Know that it’s not only the military seeking revenge. If soldiers will not revenge others can do that.

The killing of Major Maxwell Adam Mahama was a community led and planned murder. How does the community suffer for this..... ...Diaso must go on a morden day MIGRATION AND RE-SETTLEMENT

It will become part of our history and the story would be told of how that village became a Ghost town because the bit the very hands that fed them and it was more than they could chew.

When we say we are watching it means we are giving you the benefit of the doubt and the patience to give us the justice we seek. Anything other than this would be beyond repairs.......

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God bless our homeland Ghana By: ELIKEM KWAMI KOTOKO

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Columnist: Eric Kevin Elikem Kotoko