Why Police and Fire stations ought to be built together

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Mon, 3 Nov 2014 Source: Priscilla Agnes Gadogbe

In the wisdom of the United Nations (UN), when it decided to build a police station to serve the needs of Liberian refugees living at the Buduburam at Kasoa, a fire station was also built to help contain fire outbreaks which can prove to be costly and deadly.

It is rather regrettable that the government has failed to realize the benefit a directive to erect police and fire stations together could have on citizens. 

Such a plan can save time, serve as a morale booster to staff, cut down expenditure, maximize land use, help keep order and make interactions with residents easy not to talk of employment to be generated.

The Ghana government and other stakeholders should take a cue from the UN and make it a policy that no police station should be built without a fire post.

Columnist: Priscilla Agnes Gadogbe