Photovoltaic Solar Energy Congress

Mon, 26 Sep 2011 Source: Dekportor, Mensah

26th Photovoltaic Solar Energy Congress in Hamburg

The 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition was held in Hamburg Congress and International Fair, Germany on the 5th – 9th September, 2011

By (EPIA) European Photovoltaic Industries Association to secure the implementation, Renewable and Energy saving strategies.

The event brought together leading experts from science, industry and over 2,000 exhibitors to report their latest research results and to demonstrate their new solar products and services. On this note, visitors and entrepreneurs who have shown interests in promoting solar energy from all over the world were at the conference to either solicit for partnership in promoting solar energy in their respective countries or to give contribution of their latest technical-know how.

Amongst these numerous registered participants, TopAfric Radio team (A media house in Hamburg) conducted an interview with a Ghanaian entrepreneur Mr. John Freelove Mensah (CEO of Sunrise Solar Solutions Ltd based in Tema, Ghana)

According to Mr. Freelove Mensah’s statement, he had legally lived and worked in the United Kingdom for over 25 years in various work environments including Information Technology and Business Management. He spent the last 10 years, working in the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) of the United Kingdom Home Office.

TopAfric remarked that, many Ghanaians in the Diaspora were desirous to go back home to get settled. This re-location has its own challenges. Asked how he (Freelove) was able to take up this hard decision?

He (Mr.Mensah) responded that, In early 2007, concerned with the greenhouse effect and the resulting climatic changes which are the greatest environmental challenges facing the world today and the frequent power cuts in Ghana and its neighbouring countries, he developed a passion for use of renewable energy as a source of saving the planet earth and to reduce the frequent power cut. He therefore, undertook various trainings and acquired the relevant skills and knowledge in the renewable energy sector and finally resigned and went to Ghana to establish and served his Nation.

Asked to describe and give details about their services, Freelove continued,

“Sunrise Solar Solutions Limited is a new and innovative company established to make a significant impact on the energy platform in Ghana and sub- Sahara Africa.

We are wholesalers of renewable energy products (solar/wind). We supply and install solar/wind energy supply services for commercial, residential, and public sector buildings. We provide full in-house training and technical support. We supply leading technology products and provide a full installation services.”

Enquired as how his solar energy enterprise going to contribute to the solution of the environmental pollution, Mr. Mensah reiterated that,

“While electricity is essential to our modern lives, it can come at a high environmental cost. Sunrise Solar Solutions Limited is committed to making sure that we minimise environmental impacts.

Sun power is an abundant renewable form of energy that produces zero carbon emission, reduces our impact on the environment thus saving the planet Earth and cuts our electricity bills”

Quizzed about his contribution to help solve unemployment situations in Ghana, Mr Mensah gave the assurance that, arrangements were underway with the help of his partners and sponsors to offer in- service training to about 1,500 youth in the various sections and therefore concluded that “Sunrise Solar Solutions Limited is looking to recruit Competent, intelligent and hardworking Personal Assistant to the CEO. We are also looking for PV Installers, Electrical Engineers and auxiliary staff”

He however requests anyone interested in this technology should contact their offices by this given email and Telephone contacts: info@sunrisesolarsolutionsltd.co.uk, Tel + 233(0)249 359 531 / +233(0)303 304 623 and that their products and services are subject to warranty.

The company is therefore in the process of setting up the first Large Scale solar Farm in Ghana and for that course they’re looking for land of about 35,000 sqm for a minimum of 30 years lease.

Report by: Mensah Dekportor

krisview@yahoo.co.uk Tel: +49175(0)9861348 (Hamburg)

Columnist: Dekportor, Mensah