The Bloody Showers Of June 4.

Sat, 4 Jun 2011 Source: Abugri, George Sydney

By George Sydney Abugri

At first it seemed

A day dream

The sound of boot on bone

Bone on stone

The miracle of agile obesity

Till the sight of an Abongo Boy

Drawing an unspecified map

In brilliant steel

Dripping human red

On the bare back

Of a cedi bloke

Drew a loud scream

And cracked the bad dream

...June Four 79

At first it seemed

A day dream

Elegant dame all spruced up

From a smiling Benz comes

Rolling boot aided

In the mud

As if to humour the anger of guns

Speaking their raging dialect

Over the tree tops

But the smell of blood gun-smoked

Choked the air

And sobs and teary pleas

And the gasping ‘oh, please, please...’

Cracked the bad dream

...June Four 79

The skies are smoking

The blood is flowing

The air is electric

But where were they..?

The cat-sized mice

Who inflamed this beast

To feast on innocent martyrs

And set our land ablaze

Where were they

On June Four 79?

{From the poetry collection SOUL BLAST, by George Sydney Abugri, www.sydneyabugri.com. ALL COPYRIGHT RESERVED}

Columnist: Abugri, George Sydney