Plot against JM exposed

Thu, 8 May 2014 Source: Maxwell okamafo Addo

…As opposition tumbles after President's Kumasi visit

The President, who recently addressed party supporters at the Regional Coordinating Council in Kumasi, is reported to have ignited ethno-tribal sentiments.

The president who spoke in Akan said ' if we construct roads tarred with gold in Kumasi, they will tell us that we did nothing'. Since President John Dramani Mahama returned from Ashanti region to inspect development projects, the opposition elements are needlessly at it again. They have tried hard to water down the positive impacts of his visit using their otherwise discredited guerrilla journalism tactics to the shock of well-meaning Ghanaians.

Some mediocre minds in the region, who can pass for ‘criminals’ hiding behind cyber innovations have failed abysmally to doctor the harmless content his speech, to mean that the president said ' Ashanti’s are ungrateful. Using their surrogates and rented Kumasi press, they have succeeded in circulating, with the content going viral on social media.

Senior opposition leaders in the country have continued running around with his tape also like the headless chickens to champion the narrow and petty parochial political interest. Thankfully, this vicious crusade has hit a snag.

The Ministry of Information has rubbished the development, producing the original tape and what the president substantially said in Kumasi. I condemn this reckless act of divisive proportions and those behind the puerile plot to bow down their heads in perpetual ignominy.

I am happy the Mahama government is delivering on its manifesto pledges by providing water, electricity, hospital roads, and helping the agricultural industry to survive.

President John Dramani Mahama has reaffirmed his government’s commitment in solving the country’s economic challenges. His government has resolved to take the necessary actions to reverse the current economic downtrend, as the Bank of Ghana assured of a massive stabilization in July.

Government has explained that some of these problems has been as a result of the weak economic fundamentals and the over-reliance on imports. Bank of Ghana recently announced policies to reverse the further fall of the Ghana Cedi against major foreign currencies. Also, Government is also finding ways to cut down Government spending, and is confident that the economy will bounce back to growth by 2015.

Although there are challenges in the economy, the NDC government has achieved unprecedented developments since it returned to power in 2012. President Mahama and his Vice- President Amissah Arthur led government has recognized that, the attainment of economic growth status has been grounded in strategic policy interventions aimed at educating, equipping, empowering and mobilizing human resource for implementation of policies programmes and plans for our dear country Ghana.

Ghanaians should unite as a people, work harder and be guided by their shared spiritual values hinged on honesty, patriotism and dedication to duty. But, leave the divisive opposition elements with this adage; AKOKO ANTWIWAA BESA ABU NE PA DWE DWE SENARA A ENNYE AKROMA FE DA," to wit, “no matter how beautifully the hen will dance, it will never please the hawk”. Why? Because the hawk just doesn’t like the hen, and wants to eat it. The imperative that “WOTAN OKWADUO A WOYI NE MMIRIKA”, literally, “no matter how much you hate the duiker, you have to give it credit for its speed”.

Columnist: Maxwell okamafo Addo