Wikileaks Ghana: The Aftermath

Fri, 31 Dec 2010 Source: Dankwa Jr, Fredua

By Fredua Dankwa Jr.

Earlier this month I wrote an article entitled Wikileaks: Special Ghana Cables. It

was a satire with a sarcastic twist pointing out some of the social-economic woes

and the misplaced priorities of our so-called leaders. I also touched on the

nuisance on our FM radio airwaves and other ills.

Fast forward.

If you have been following the legend of Julian Assange and wikileaks, you know that

he heeded my frustrations and released "something small" on Ghana, but as my

American friends will say; 'is that all ya got?'. The most significant of the "real"

cables on Ghana had to do with the pervasiveness and infiltration of drug barons;

and the lapses in the Ghanaian law-enforcement system to curtail it, especially

during the previous administration. Come on Assange! This 'filla' is weak man.

Even 10-year old Ghanaians are not terribly shocked by these revelations. There were

drugs-related news almost every single day during the last administration;

culminating in the arrest and subsequent conviction of a member of Parliament in the

US. Are we supposed to be blown away by the fact that there were elements in our

security outlets aiding and abetting the drug lords? That the so-called gate keepers

didn't have the political will to fight the drug war?

Back to Bataan.

I have to rely on my imaginary 'classified' sources once again; so here we go.

They are finally moving their seat of government from the Danish-built slave castle

to the Indian miniature Taj Mahal and the hot subject is what to call it, albeit

spending a little fortune on curtains and accessories. They can't build anything for

themselves, what a shame? The Chinese constructed their Ministry of Defense building

and they're preparing to build the Ministry of Foreign Affairs too, imagine bringing

in the Russians to build the White House, the State Department, and the Pentagon.

Our main concern here is that the darn Asians are taking over all the sensitive

joints in this country. Ghanaians import even toothpicks from China - ridiculous.

They live along clogged open sewers (gutters) with stagnant, smelly water and wonder

why about 60,000 of them die each year from malaria. It's a pity how a country the

size of Oregon, abundant in mineral and natural resources could be so poor. As I

said in the earlier cable, thousands of children are still going to school under

trees. Four million dollars was invested in some gold medallions in the name of

national awards, so that a certain "leader" could pat himself on the back whilst

those children still go to school under trees. Did I say there are children going to

school under trees? Anyway, there are efforts underway to make sure they all get a

cup with their leader's picture on it - yea how thoughtful huh! When it rains they

will have a cup to catch some rain water under the tree-school.

Pipe-borne water is a luxury here, electricity supply is as regular as snow in South

Florida; yet they borrowed more than 50 million dollars to celebrate their fiftieth

independence anniversary. It's tragic not only because of the waste, but the idea

that they were celebrating INDEPENDENCE. You can't help but think that they are hell

bent on self destruction. The so-called lawmakers only sit around and legislate fat

pay structures, bonuses and ex-gratia for themselves.

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Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year

Columnist: Dankwa Jr, Fredua