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NPP politics is like Cold War Espionage

PRESS STATEMENT: NPP politics is like Cold War Espionage

Accra - Wednesday December 21, 2011

Ghanaians have already been told by the main opposition

Presidential candidate his party will “win the next election at all cost.” And

as evidenced by the Minority Leader in Parliament, the NPP keeps showing the

nation it offer nothing except desperation to win power.

Members of the NPP are sowing seeds of misinformation among

the electorates to prepare the ground for attacking the ruling National

Democratic Congress during election 2012. NPP leading figures and their

hangers-on are saying anything, as long as it means getting them elected.

It is most irresponsible and irrational for a minority

leader to accuse the President of corruption without any evidence; also

irrational are calls for the resignation of Hon. Betty Mould Iddrisu over the

judgment debt paid to Alfred Wayome.

The NPP’s howls of anguish and wild accusations of

corruption are a clear indication of their attempt to shift the post, engage in

unnecessary spin, and cause disaffection for a woman who should be applauded

and given a trophy for saving the nation millions of Cedis.

Leaders of the NPP are so desperate it shows in their every

move, every utterance, and this is just the beginning. They are shifting the

post from the fact that the better Ghana agenda is on course and government is

successfully fixing the broken nation they left behind; they are shifting the

post from discussions on good governance where we must turn to the law courts

and not the court of public opinion for verdicts on issues of law; they are

running away from any discussion on the superior economic management by the

Mills administration and the unparalleled improvement in infrastructure.

The NPP does not want Ghanaians to know that their

Presidential candidate is a waffler, who can’t make up his mind on his running

mate; they are shifting the post from discussions over their history of bigotry

and the fact that their presidential candidate is a stale relic of the past who

will not get more than forty-five percent of votes in any contest with

President Mills if the playing field is even; and they are shifting the post

from the fact that the NDC government is putting up measures to ensure a

credible electoral register.

The calls for Betty to resign is coming from a party which in

2009 alleged that security operatives have harassed, and undressed a leading

Ghanaian partner in KOSMOS, Mr. George Owusu in front of his family. They never

provided evidence.

No member of NPP has earned the right to accuse Betty or any

member of the NDC of corruption. Did the NPP ask Hon. J.H. Mensah, then

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and leader of government business to resign

when it emerged he had attempted to travel to the UK with a refugee passport

whilst an MP in 1997?

Did J.H. Mensah repudiate claims or resigned over reports

that he had been convicted of refugee fraud claims in Britain? Did President

Kufour resign over reports that he had turned his office into a place for

collecting kick-backs?

The NDC has a special responsibility to ensure the diabolic

agenda of the NPP does not materialize. We must prevent our country from being

destroyed. We in the NDC must not sit down. Let us confront and expose their

lies; we must remain vigilant and scrutinize all pronouncements of the

opposition party as they are out to discredit the government to score cheap

political points.

The Minority in parliament must stand up to the legislative

oath they swore and provide Ghanaians with facts, and not hearsay and petty partisan


Ras Mubarak

NDC Parliamentary Candidate,

Ablekuma North Constituency

Ras Mubarak,

NDC Parliamentary Candidate for

Ablekuma North Constituency

Accra, Ghana

+233 24 4478 267

+233 26 6741 864



Life, they say is "nasty, brutish and short." Understandably so because in a world

where there is so much wealth, and abundant human and natural resources, people

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don't know about you but this is one of the reasons why I stay up at night. It is

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"Let us all do what we can."

Columnist: Mubarak, Ras

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