Poem: Andre Dede Ayew: The Bbc' Football King (2011)

Fri, 23 Dec 2011 Source: Abdur Rahman Shaban Alfa

Out in pursuance of illustrious dad’s tradeThe youngster looked far from elite parade

Under the direction of Nania FC as a starterHe contributed to rise of the ‘Pride of


To Marseille in 2005; to follow in dad’s ‘trench’ Try as he did, a youngster

resigned to bench

Loaned off to play for Ligue 1 side, LorientThere did he deliver performance torrents

Enough effort for further loan; Arles-AvignonBack to Marseille on recall to the


A manager to thank for his national creditsCertainly Claude Le Roy is worthy of


Setting aside all the opprobrium of the publicSlot him in CAN 2008 Nations Cup:


Later in 2009, made Africa and nation proudLed 10 Satellites in Egypt over Brazilian


In Angola 2010, headed Stars into knock-outWith chest smacking celebration: he stood


Come the final, Stars bowed to Gedo & EgyptEmotional and teary, he looked very


The big stage presented itself, World Cup 2010Always on: except during ‘hard luck’

Suarez’ turn

A stability factor which the team Ghana revolvedHis defensive/offensive midfield

role n’er dissolved

After barely half a decade, an accolade is hereBBC vote rated him, Footballer of

Year (2011)

20 years after his dad picked the inaugural (1991)At a time to club/Country, he’d

become integral

Started national duties in the jersey number 13But then and now; was a yearning

focused teen

Today does he ‘inherit’ an illustrious team shirtA chemise reserved for team

leaders: the 10 shirt

Certainly a time to come, set to inherit the bandLead the Black Stars out the

tunnel, fans in stands

The star in confectionary product ad, Fan YoghurtA beneficiary of a meteoric rise of

varied support

None other than the quick footed and multitalented Andre Dede Ayew, son of Ghana’

soccer legend

By: Abdur Rahman Shaban Alfaalfarsenal@yahoo.com/ newcguide@gmail.com

- Abdur Rahman Shaban Alfa

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Source: Abdur Rahman Shaban Alfa