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Police investigations just don’t add up –Will JB’s blood go cheap?

Police investigations just don’t add up –Will JB’s blood go cheap?

Mon, 22 Feb 2016 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

The morning of the deadly assault on the late Hon JB Dankwa Adu was the litmus test that no police officer would want to start their day with. But to arrive at the crime scene and remain outside the premises for close to 15 minutes just adds a scar on the untoward image that the Police Service has been marred with.

However, we are all helping to boost the reputation of our law enforcers, the Police, who should help us in doing so, too. After all, there is no person who does not want to be proud that they have an efficient security agency watching over them. But are the Police really watching over us or watching us? That is the question!

COP George Dampare, of the Accra Regional Homicide Unit, sprung onto the case with the intent to unearth the hidden secrets of a much ominous plot that seems to be in implementation stage against the NPP in its entirety. He had everything going smoothly in this regard and seemed to be chocking some advances. The confessions of the suspect, who was arrested subsequently, were said to be put on tape and was making the rounds on social media.

The suspect narrated how he performed his dastardly act, adding that he was paid GH2,000 (two thousand Ghana cedis) to kill the deceased MP for Abuakwa North. Suddenly, the case took a bizarre twist when it was wrested from COP George Dampare, allegedly, by Madam Rose Abio Atinga of the Ghana Police Service and Mr Kamara, an NDC stalwart.

Was it because the Presidential Staffer, Stan Dogbe, was, purportedly, mentioned by the said murderer as the mastermind behind this deed? After a short tug-of-war, COP Dampare succumbed, and the matter was sent into the custody of the BNI. The question is why? Why was this case sent to the BNI? Well, would it be any surprise that the suspect changed his statement in court, subsequently?

He changed his statement, saying that he went to the deceased’s home to steal. But why would this criminal stab the late MP severally especially that the deceased was lying in a pool of blood almost unconscious after the first stabbing, as the many reports suggested? It just doesn’t add up? Or do the security agencies want to sweep the case under the carpet and leave it in the dumpster of history?

CCTV cameras of a neighbour were alleged to have captured the beginning of the crime when a vehicle dropped off the suspect. Why are the authorities dimming the light on this epic crime? It is disheartening that details of such a ghastly massacre should be treated so esoterically.

What happened to the other two suspects, Avenger and Agogo, who were arrested at their hideout at Pig Farm, a suburb of Accra? Those men were said to be hardened criminals. How can they flee from the grips of the police? Or were they set free? Is there an alibi in this case or it is just a mere coincidence that this weird situation is taking such a radical turn, suspiciously?

The police should not keep information to themselves. They should divulge same to the whole nation so that such a sorrowful act would be condemned by all well-meaning people. Death has no colour, and when it is visited upon a people, the perpetrators must be made to pay the ultimate price. JB Dankwa’s blood must not dry up in vain.

It was forcibly spilled to irrigate the conscience of criminals re-enacting the viciousness of Pharaoh of Egypt some 5000 years ago that continues to burn in the monstrosity of hell. Maybe the dead conscience of people in power will be revived by the blood of the very person whose death they are scheming to keep mute over. Neither JB’s blood nor that of any murdered person living under the sky of this peaceful Country must flow in vain, ever.

Mr IGP, live up to your reputation please. We are looking up to you, Sire!

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi