Political Treachery verses Revolutionary Logic and Wisdom - Final Part

Sun, 27 Nov 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Cadres and footsoldiers with diverse backgrounds must not let anyone from the NDC leadership or state agency tell them what they already know better.

It is not for nothing that our National Anthem tells us “To Resist Oppressors Rule with All our Will and Might forever more. These words of the Anthem do not tell us to resist only the Caucasian Oppressors, but it tells us to Resist ALL FORMS OF OPPRESSORS”.

The NDC promised to win the Dec. 2008 general election in order to pursue with vigour, its social democratic agenda that does not tolerate DIS-UNITY, DISGUST, HATRED ACRIMONY, DISTRUST, VAIN VENGEANCE, FASCIST POLITICAL INTRIGUES EXPLOITATION, DISCRIMINATION, RECRIMINATION, DIS-RESPECT AND SUBTERFUGES. However, after the inauguration of the President on 7th Jan. 2009, all the above promises have been practiced Double, Double and it has even Trippled before and after the National Delegates Congress at Sunyani in July 2011, which has led to a SERIOUS DIVISION in the NDC because NOT A SINGLE WORD promised by the NDC while in opposition in respect of the above social democratic agenda has been pursued – Rather the opposite have been persued after the NDC victory in 2009 to date 2011.

What has really changed in the political dynamics of the NDC? It is because of Asiedu Nketia and his groups, secret plan to do away with the Rawlingses and collapse the PNC and CPP and merge with the NDC as far back as 2008 without the knowledge of Jerry Rawlings. This extreme unpatriotic plan by the General Secretary and his group is so shameful and disgraceful that cadres and all meaning supporters of NDC must not take it lightly. The Leadership of the NDC are rather directing the party in a very different direction in pursuit of their PERSONAL AGENDA to the detriment of millions of NDC supporters nationwide. They have no mandate to collapse the PNC and CPP and merge it with the NDC without the knowledge and consent of the NDC Founder at all. All the negative attitudes that the NDC promised that it will not tolerate are now being tolerated 100% daily and it is seen as the normal pattern of clean politics. The NDC is now awash with Dis-unity, Hatred, Acrimony, Distrust, Disgust, Vain Vengeance, Recrimination, Discrimination, Intrigue, Suspicions, Mistrust, Dis-respect to cadres and footsoldiers who made government appointees what they are to day 2011.

Even the sitting President of Ghana is Dis-respected and Dis-obeyed to the extent that he told Ghanaians that Nobody will buy his name for GH¢1.00 at all during his encounter with journalists at the Osu Castle in Accra.

All these nasty state of affairs are taking place in the NDC party and government Double, Double every day and has now Trippled after the Sunyani Congress in July 2011. From the term “Everything Na Double, Double – we must now change it to the new term: Everything Na Tripple, Tripple, just because of the NDC Leadership’s evil plot to do away with the Rawlingses and do their own thing. The NDC has completely disregarded all the sweet promises made to Ghanaians while in opposition and is rather pursuing a very DIFFERENT POLITICAL AGENDA through a different and strange path without the mandate of NDC delegates. Yes every fish rots from its head.

Some of us feel ASHAMED when some of those we convinced to vote for the NDC openly confront us and tell us that, now that they have voted for the party to win, we don’t respect and regard them any more because we now eat alone, so they have regretted voting for the NDC. What a shock! All efforts one makes to convince them fall on death ears. Who causam! Johnson Asiedu Nketia and Hannah Tetteh. I always return to my room, to think over such remarks by all those I managed to convince in 2008 by saying to myself that if these party supporters knew that I myself has BEEN RELEGATED TO THE BACKGROUND just because I am a Rawlings boy who will get nothing from the Mills government, they would not have accused me of eating alone without inviting them. This is very shameful and pitiful for many people in the NDC nationwide.

The NDC Leadership must move into action immediately to re-organise and reconcile all the feuding factions in the NDC in readiness for the battle in 2012 or START PREPARING THEIR HANDING OVER NOTES to the NPP because they have caused a very big trouble in the great NDC. A fly that has no adviser always follow the corpse to the grave because of its greed and selfishness and end up being buried alive with the corpse.

Why should anybody who really have the NDC at heart continue to blame Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings for contesting the sitting President and turn round to pretend that there is Internal Democracy in the NDC, So Obed Asamoah has been welcomed to the NDC, only for him to throw the first salvo that Rawlings is not the NDC Founder – meaning that he is coming to CONFRONT RAWLINGS and help Asiedu Nketia to drive him away from the NDC. Let him try it if he is a man with balls in between his thighs like the cadres, he will hear his “Piiga” alright. Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings is a very simple woman, she is approachable, she is not vindictive, she is not difficult but a very Principled and Revolutionary Woman whose Mere presence at any forum makes some dishonest men run for cover since the PNDC era in 1982 to date 2011. She is Ghana’s No. 2 Yaa Asantewaa who can never be coerced or intimidated even at the point of death just like her husband- Jerry Rawlings who some people love to hate, all to no avail. I have being in the trenches with the Rawlingses since June 4, 1979 to date 2011. So I love them and know who they are. For Professor Mills, he is somebody who will even ask the Security Agencies to release a man unconditionally for attempting to even murder him in his capacity as the President of Ghana. He is extremely lenient and soft as a former Law Professor. Ghanaians must not be surprise if this man builds a big Church and become its Pastor after leaving office as the President of Ghana However, the NDC Leadership are busy stabbing him at the back and putting breaks in the Yutong Bus even though he is performing well. If Asiedu Nketia who sits at cabinet meetings could not tell the President that he has appointed in experienced people a Chief of Staff but comes out of that meeting to complain to an American Ambassador about the President’s behavior, then NDC Party is in a very serious trouble.

Is Any body Listening? I am done. Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua.









Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement