Political Treachery verses Revolutionary Logic and Wisdom Part 2

Sat, 19 Nov 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

“Fellow country men and women, when this nation was in an EXPLOSIVE RAGE on June 4, 1979, and found its voice and capacity to react through an UPRISING on June 4, we had NO CHOICE but to SACRIFICE some members of the corrupt rulers who had brought UNTOLD suffering and almost emasculated the nation. Today, corrupt rulers have learnt no lessons from the WRATH of the PEOPLE, brutalizing, killing and jailing great and small members of the citizenry as a means of keeping the masses cowed after they have schemed and lied their way BACK TO OFFICE in 2000 and have succeeded in dis-empowering the people.”, And we all saw a vivid demonstration of this in the SHAMELESS MANNER in which those who were assembled under the pretext of National Reconciliation in 2003 went about their task. It involved senior religious leaders, a military General, a Union Leader, a very senior Judge and woman of high standing. Were they not given National Awards for it? Did their shameless job not give the blessing they wanted in order to continue their Policy of Rule of Man instead of the Rule of Law in this country?

What they all have in common is their hatred for fundamental human truths and what the spirit of June 4th stands for. The power of the people, and their divine right to revolt, resist and punish oppression” – “J.J. Rawlings At A Press Conference on July 1st 2008. That was a revolutionary logic and wisdom, but unfortunately for Rawlings, his own party leadership now in government also have the same hatred for fundamental human truths and what the spirit of June 4th stands for after the inauguration of Prez. – Mills on 7th Jan. 2009 to date, hence their divisive term” Rawlings Boys” from the white house who will NEVER get anything or appointment from their “New NDC” government at all.


These are the main features of their new NDC government. Infact, if you tickle yourself and laugh, it does not make you a very Happy man on Earth.

1. On the instructions of the NDC leadership in Accra, All Regional and Constituency NDC Executives must find a way of managing the political force of Rawlings by sidelining, relegating and targeting all cadres of the erstwhile C.D.R’, members of the 31st December Women’s Movement or in short all members of the revolutionary organs nation wide, and they took that EVIL ADVICE hook, line and sinker in their impossible attempt to do away with the Rawlings factor, after all – Rawlings Time has passed according to the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the NDC. Mr. Yaw Obimpeh

2. They must ensure that no outspoken cadre gets the chance as a Government Appointee in the District Assemblies and most constituencies carried out that order.

3. They must ensure that no member of the 31st December Women’s Movement is given the School Feeding Programme – and it was also implemented by most constituencies including Obuasi.

4. They must also ensure that they make FALSE ALLEGATIONS against all known outspoken cadres in their constituencies and most constituencies carried out these EVIL and divisive instructions with the aim of expelling Cadres from the NDC, with Obuasi. Constituency Executives targeting me from March, 2009 to date 2011. They failed woefully because they just can not and can never destroy me, they have topped the list in terms of backbiting, character assassination, greed, extreme selfishness, lies, division, open insults and insinuations during NDC general meetings with impunity. I am jealously guarding my political track record and hard won reputation and no one can destroy me at Obuasi.

However Truth and Falsehood cannot co-exist, because they are from two opposing directions, so with the cat now out of the bag and the Pandora Box now opened by WikiLeaks, we now know how to handle all those who have joined the NDC to eat with both hands, amass wealth and kill the NDC in Ghana Politics. It is only a matter of time. “When we were in office from 1992 – 2000, did the NPP wait for 4 years before waging their campaign against us using deceitful weapons? No. it was an everyday affair. On rare occasions, when an attempt is made to heed our counsel, it is done too late, when its relevance is long gone, either because some people have compromised themselves, cowardice or an attempt to prove our independentness” – This behaviour has been very costly to the NDC.” J.J. Rawlings The loose cannon at a Press conference on July 1st 2008.

Unfortunately, Mills was inaugurated President of the Republic of Ghana only for some of his ministers of state and MMDCE’s who are not even qualified to polish the shoes of the Rawlingses, but have decided to insult them as if they are their own children. NDC is now at War with itself.

1. A minister told Rawlings to take away his shares from the NDC

2. Another deputy minister of state told Rawlings to go to Hell if he will not

campaign in 2012, but they will win. Is He sure of what he said or he was just dreaming?

3. Another deputy minister who defected from the NPP who joined the CJA/NDC and was given appointment by Prez. Mills stated innocently that Rawlings is Not the NDC founder.

4. Yet another deputy minister recently stated that the construction of Rawlings Ridge Residence was Not a priority of the Mills’ government and that Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings is a Frustrated woman.

5. NDC General Secretary stated that the Barking Dog no longer exist in the NDC anymore so Dr. Obed Asamoah is welcome to the NDC since he and his group are men of principles who cherish internal democracy in the NDC. Mr. Asiedu Nketia deliberately forgot to inform Obed that internal democracy does NOT exist in the NDC as DEMOCRATIC DICTATORSHIP is now Double, Double and has even TRIPPLED in the NDC since 2009 to date because the NDC have learnt nothing from its past mistakes in 2000 and 2004 and that attempts were being made to disqualify some parliamentary aspirants who are contesting sitting MMDCE’s in some Orphan Constituencies in order to let these appointees, go UN-OPPOSED. Yes, political Treachery at its best

6. In their “New NDC” – It is a crime to be a cadre or Rawlings Boy and if that is their stand, they must GO PUBLIC and tell Ghanaians that all those who vote for the NDC because of Rawlings should stay away from the 2012 polls and see if they would NOT handover to Nana Akuffo Addo in 2013. Their complacency in the ruling NDC government is just too much and their selfishness is also unbearable, so the footsoldiers must forgive Mills and vote the NDC in December, 2012 Is anybody listening – I shall return when the Need Arise in Part 3of this Article









Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement