Political Treachery verses Revolutionary Logic and Wisdom - Part 3

Sun, 20 Nov 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

As a cadre from June 4 to date 2011, I know how and when the NDC was formed and the reasons why it was formed. Therefore, if some people are lucky to join the NDC even since 1992 to date and think that they are MORE CATHOLIC THAN THE POPES in the NDC they are simply deceiving themselves and their own shadows because such people would all ran away when the GOING GETS TOUGH.

Cadres are the Foundation and the undisputable Landlords of the NDC and nobody in this world can ever eject his/her landlord from the house he had built. Is that clear? if the later day Saints in the NDC, who are now falling over each other to insult the Rawlingses and their cadres had shelved their arrogance and pride by learning from the cadres, the Rawlingses, former cadres who are now ministers of state about the NDC, they would have learnt everything they wanted to learn from them including this writer.

However, extreme arrogance, greed, pride and selfishness have taken the better part of some of these appointees including MMDCE’s who are so intoxicated with political power that they can not see anything beyond their stomachs nationwide – How sad! I have to say with all the authority at my disposal that the NDC under President Mills today 2011 have learnt not a single lesson since the party won power with only 40,000 votes in 2009. The NDC was actually formed based on the ideologies of June 4, 1979, which is “Probity and Accountability” and Jerry Rawlings was the Chairman of the AFRC Military Junta on June 4, 1979, hence he was made the SOLE FOUNDER of the NDC because if he had REJECTED the moves to form the NDC as a political party in 1992 the party would NEVER have been formed at all. It was Goosie Tannoh, who named the Party as NDC because the erstwhile C.D.R’s were working with the name “National Defence committee” and so, from a revolutionary NDC in 1982 to a democratic NDC in 1992 and Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings also designed the Umbrella with an Eagle (bird) on top of the umbrella signifying a pilot who is always Alert in the sky. And they named it “Akatamanso in 1992. Therefore, if today 2011, some latter day saints are deceiving themselves that the Rawlingses are now out casts, scare crows, and social nobodies who have outlived their usefulness, that they are power drunk at a time the NDC was lying on its sickbed nationawide, I just don’t know that such characters are up to. Anyway, it is nothing but sheer hatred, mischief and a show of UNDERSERVED POWER. Where were they when we were in the Trenches with the Rawlingses after the June 4, 1979 era when the late Dr. Limann’s Security Dogs from the dreaded Military Intelligence were let loose on members of the June 4, Movement including this writer from 1980 up to December 1981 in this country? Where were they when the late Dr. Limann directed all private companies and government establishments to DISMISS all civilian supporters of June 4 and known former soldiers who supported the June 4, Uprising in 1979 without which he (Limann) would never have been the President of Ghana? This writer was among 103 miners in the A.G.A who were dismissed because of Dr. Limann’s directive in 1980. Where were they when Jerry Rawlings and Captain Kojo Tsikata were placed on a 24 hour surveillance by Dr. Limann’s notorious Military Intelligence Boys for over one year? Some people Are Really Joking with cadres and footsoldiers. You carry on, undermine the sitting President, mis-inform him, Always say nasty things about him in your private conversations and pretend to support him- Always mis-use his name and acquire wealth and favors, your cups will soon be full one day and you then drink it to quench your thirsts – Please, for heaven’s sake, do not provoke the cadres by putting red pepper into our wounds.

Dr. Obed Asamoah does NOT want Rawlings as NDC founder but rather wants to be the so-called Life Patron of the DFP, something which is not even enshrined in the DFP party constitution. If Obed think that he is coming to join the NDC again only to confront the Rawlingses, he must retrace his footsteps very quickly because the barking dog is much awake and will bark at him to run for cover because Asiedu Nketia has deceived him to believe that the Dog have been Caged because nobody gave him that mandate to do away with the Rawlingses, We shall make Obed very transparent for Ghanaians to see who he is, if he attempts to challenge the Rawlingses because they campaigned day and night for Mills to win in 2009 while he (Obed) also campaigned day and night for Nana Akuffo Addo to win in 2008 but he lost – Why Now? You are dis-pensable in the NDC because the party won without your vote in 2008, But the Rawlingses are indispensable in the NDC because they are CROWD PULLERS who campaigned for Mills to win in 2009. Mr. President, well done, ignore all those who will advise you against uniting with the Rawlingses and go ahead to re-concile with them to enable us retire Nana Akuffo Addo from active politics in 2012 so that he will go and rest under those shady trees at Kyebi in the Abuakwa South Constituency and lick his “All die-be die” wounds over there. More Grease on your elbows, carry on and may God bless you because nobody cuts the finger that feeds him at all. “The NPP govt. is too guilty to leave office, but their time is up, and no matter who, or how many men they recruit, no matter what ethnic groups are thrown out or brought in, no matter who is promoted and given strategic command, the people are tired and feel that enough is enough. The Nation believes that the NPP government must go in this year’s elections, Ashanti or no Ashanti, Ga or no Ga, Ewe or no Ewe, Dagomba or no Dagomba , Akyem or no Akyem, Dagarti or no Dagarti, Frafra or no Frafra, it is enough, they must go! “And go they shall! – J.J. Rawlings at a Press Conference in Accra – July 1st 2008. Unknown to Rawlings and his wife immediately the elephant was chased into the Bush, the NPP machinery was left 100% in tact, and the NDC leadership who had earlier planned to do away with the Rawlings ideology and go for an Nkrumahists philosophy descended heavily on him as well as his wife who boldly, contested the sitting President in July 2011. We must rather thank Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings for contesting Mills- otherwise the NDC was dead because the greed and selfishness of NDC Executives and some gov’t appointees are just unbearable. Is anybody listening – I shall return when the Need Arise in Part 4of this Article









Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement